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33496 Marx Barend Jacobus (2).JPG

November 11, 1941

Brandfort, Lejweleputswa, Free State, South Africa

Own DN - MHG 33496

People: Anna Catharina Marx, Elizabeth Aletta Susanna Griesel, Anna Catharina Lombard, b3c3d7e3f2 and 2 others.

De Breyn Brief 001.jpg

March 20, 1972

Johanna en haar man Piet Lombard het hulle plaas Jacobus, Heilbron gekoop.

People: Johanna Catharina Sophia Lombard and Catharina Cornelia de Bruyn

Anna Catharina Lombard d. 5 Nov 1899.JPG

November 5, 1899

Winburg, Free State, South Africa

Boedel / Estate No. VAB MHG L1154

People: Anna Catharina Lombard, b3c3d7e3f2

Petrus Stephanus Lombard

July 18, 1962

Gutu, Rhodesia

People: Petrus Stephanus Lombard

Rynier Stefanus Lombard

July 27, 1961

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People: Rynier Stefanus Lombard

Jacomina Francina Lombard

October 4, 1976

Oudtshoorn, Western Cape, South Africa

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People: Jacomina Francina Lombard

Michael George Doubell SV/Prog - 1871 Death Notice

September 10, 1871

Uitenhage, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Source: Michael George Doubell's Death Notice (as Donbell); Cape Town Archives; Depot: KAB; Source: MOOC; Vol. No.: 6...

People: Michael George Doubell, SV/PROG, Anna Catrena Lombard, Hermanus Stephanus Lombard and 19 others.

LOMBARD Elsie Philippina 1826-1913.jpg

December 12, 1913

Bethulie, Free State, South Africa

EGGSA Grafsteen / Gravestone

People: Elsje Philippina Lombard

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