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Mrs. Thomas Keely

May 19, 1921

Denver, Denver, Colorado, United States


People: Kendall Keely, Sr., Elizabeth "Lizzie" Keely, Fannie Kendall and 2 others.

Litchfield Ledger - Student

Charles Greely Loring

People: Mary Loring



Bristol, MA, USA

Abstracts of Bristol County, Massachusetts Probate Records, 1687-1745 By H. L. Peter Rounds These records are screen...

People: Rev. William Brattle, Sarah Church, Thomas Church, Esq. and 15 others.

Pedigree: Isabel LORING

     Born:  Bedfords. abt. 1362    Died:  1400 Lancas.

People: 149 Isabel Loring


Chandler-Parsons: Edmund Chaundeler, Geoffrey Parsons and allied families By Mary Chandler Lowell; T. R. Marvin & Son...

People: Mary Pierce, Mary Wild, Charles Chandler and 308 others.

People: P. Torstensson, K. Torstensson, E. Torstensson and 175 others.


People: AGNES Sandberg, R. Martinho, E. Thorin and 83 others.

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