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Genealogy of Edward Small: The Mariner Family. Page 1137.

October 18, 1732

People: David Elwell and Sarah Elwell

Genealogy of Edward Small: The Mariner Family. Page 1119.


People: Rev. John Mariner

census - 1910hitchens2.jpg


Sussex, DE, USA

1910 census of the hitchens family. note: can't read 1 name. looks lke frenette. says its a daughter, age 9. it's ...

People: Jennie M Hitchens, Miles Gibson Hitchens, William Dickerson and 4 others.

grave - ferlinandeva.jpg

December 8, 1971

Laurel, DE, USA

grave of eve and ferlin

People: Eva A Mariner

obituary - evamariner.jpg

December 5, 1971

Wilmington, DE, USA

obituary of eva

People: Eva A Mariner

marriage - ferlinandeva.jpg

May 14, 1927

Laurel, DE, USA

marriage certifcate of ferlin and eva

People: Eva A Mariner and Mariner

social - evamarnier.jpg

December 1971


social security death index for eva hitchens mariner

People: Eva A Mariner

census - 1920hitchens2.jpg


Sussex, DE, USA

1920 census of the hitchens family

People: Jennie M Hitchens, Eva A Mariner, Myrtle G Foskey and 3 others.

People: Embret Nilsson Storeng, Braud, Endriss and 354 others.

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