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Ananias "Nice" McCall (1876 - 1920) - Find A Grave Memorial

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People: Ananias McCall

Cpl. Thomas McCall, USA's Family Tree

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People: Ananias McCall

Emma Gillam McCall (1884 - 1917) - Find A Grave Memorial

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People: Emma McCall

Settlers "F" - Long Point Settlers


The Long Point Settlers

Dedicated to the history and genealogy of the early families in Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada. R. Robert Mutrie, re...

People: Elizabeth Emmett McCall and Noah Fairchild



Oklahoma, United States

People: Joseph Nathan Bruner, George McCall, Ed Gilmore and 2 others.

The Direct Clark Ancestry of Edmund Clark, Jr. (1815-1902) of Russell St. Lawrence County, NY A Descendent of Daniel Clark(1622-1710) of Windsor, Connecticut (1966)

Connecticut, United States

ONLY THE 1ST 50 PAGES, OTHER PAGES INDIVIDUALLY UPLOADED The Direct Clark Ancestry of Edmund Clark, Jr. (1815-1902) o...

People: Oliver Wolcott, signer of the "Declaration of Independence", Martha Clark, Nathaniel Clark and 79 others.



Caldwell, Orange, North Carolina, United States

People: George Murray Sudderth, William Sidney Sudderth, Jane Jenny Sudderth and 6 others.

1910 Herring Yell Co Census Page 2A.jpg

April 18, 1910

Herring, Yell, AR, USA

People: Sara (Hunt, Hixon, Dowell) Avery, Minnie E. L. Zorn, Edna Denton and 6 others.

Minnie Zorn W P McCall Marriage.jpg

December 26, 1897

Yell, AR, USA

People: William P. McCall, Minnie E. L. Zorn and McCall

1920 Herring Yell Co Ark Census Page 2A.jpg

January 5, 1920

Herring, Yell, AR, USA

People: Meda Melinda Rodgers, Lula Hunt, Clauzell Lee Pence and 13 others.

John McCall

People: Calvin McCall


January 10, 1920

Bergen, NJ, USA

People: Orlando Benjamin "Spatzy" Titus, Mary Titus, Gen Klingenbeck and 6 others.

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