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Divorce Suit

February 22, 1962

Muscatine, Muscatine County, Iowa, United States


People: Paul Thomas Warnstaff and Lerena M Warnstaff

Lucinda Barker, "Virginia, Marriages, 1785-1940" —

November 25, 1860

Henry County, Virginia, United States

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People: Zerisha Wilson Barker, Daniel Barker, Virginia Barker and 3 others.

Zere McDaniel

Born. Zere married Catherine Thompson and had a child.

People: Zere McDaniel

Zerel Mcdaniel

Born on 1795. Zerel married Catherine Thompson and had a child.

People: Zerel McDaniel

Nancy McDaniel

Born in Virginia, USA on 1780 to Zere McDaniel and Catherine Thompson. Nancy married Joseph Herbert Barker and had 8 ...

People: Nancy Barker

Zerisha Wilson McDaniel

Born in Chatham, Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA on 1812 to Zerel Mcdaniel and Catherine Thompson. Zerisha Wilson married...

People: Zerisha Wilson Barker

DNA of the Three Collas

Y-chromosome DNA shared by 212 men with 33 names that match names in ancient pedigrees of men descended from three Co...

People: Henry McDaniel

Our McDaniel Family - Esta McDaniel Lee - Google Books

Henry McDaniel (b. ca. 1730/1735), of Scotch-Irish lineage, lived in Halifax, Pittsylvania and Greenbrier Counties, V...

People: Perry McDaniel

Bert And Susan with Mom 1930.jpg


Shelbyville, shelby, Indiana, United States

People: Albert William McDaniel, Evelyn (Catherine ) Kay McDaniel, Frederick Charles McDaniel and 4 others.

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