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Person Details for John Crawford, "Scotland, Marriages, 1561-1910" —

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People: Henrietta Crawford

Marriage Record of Peter Ferguson and Annie Gillies

February 3, 1892

Windsor, Essex County, Ontario, Canada

People: Peter D. Ferguson, Dougall Gilles, Martha Brodie and 3 others.

Marriage Record of Euphemia McKellar and Duncan Ferguson

June 8, 1847

Mosa, Ontario, Canada

Theirs is the bottom entry of the top left section.

People: Duncan Ferguson and Euphemia "Effie" McKellar

Marriage Record of Donald Ferguson and Nancy McLean

May 28, 1878

Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada

People: Nancy McLean, Donald Duncan Ferguson, Donald McLean and 3 others.

1940 Census for Herbert McKellar Family

April 6, 1940

Chicago, Illinois

People: Herbert Elwin McKellar, Luella McKellar and McKellar

1940 Census for Eddie and Ima Brown

April 11, 1940

Downey, Los Angeles County, California

People: Edward Clark Brown and Ima Victoria McKellar

1940 Census Lillie Family

May 1940

Doty, Goshen County, Wyoming

People: John Calvin Lillie, Florence Alberta Lillie, Clarence Edgar Lillie and 4 others.

Obituary of Eliza Wheatley Coverdale

October 22, 1931

Vermillion, Clay, SD, USA

People: Eliza Wheatley, William Coverdale, Clara Bernice Coverdale and 17 others.

Report of Possible John McKellar Sighting

April 7, 1932

Vermillion, Clay, SD, USA

From the Vermilion Plain Talk newspaper

People: John D. McKellar

Report of John D. McKellar Missing

March 31, 1932

Vermillion, Clay, SD, USA

People: John D. McKellar, Rosina Coverdale, Harvey Hubert and 10 others.

1920 Census John and Rosa McKellar Pg. 2

January 15, 1920

Vermillion, Clay, SD, USA

People: John D. McKellar, Rosina Coverdale, Archibald Fred McKellar and 1 other.

1900 Census Francis Schilling Family Pg 2

June 14, 1900

What Cheer, Keokuk, IA, USA

People: Mary Estellene Washburn, Luella McKellar, Eugene Washburn Schilling and 1 other.

Waldon and Pearl Fry 1930 Census

April 1930

Sioux City, IA, USA

People: Pearl Marie McKellar, Waldon Joseph Fry, Mavis Eileen Fry and 1 other.

1930 Census John and Rosa McKellar

April 19, 1930

Prairie Center, SD, USA

People: Rosina Coverdale, John Donald McKellar, Nellie and 2 others.

Plaza Of Heroines at Wichita State University

Wichita, KS, USA

A tribute to Maurine Fry is located in section C9. She has been honored with a Brick. Tribute by her niece, Debbie K...

People: Fry, Mavis Eileen Fry, Bye and 2 others.

Death Certificate of Rosa McKellar

July 23, 1957

Downey, CA, USA

People: Rosina Coverdale, William Coverdale, Eliza Wheatley and 1 other.

John McKellar Family in the 1870 Dakota Territory Census

July 31, 1870

Elk Point, SD, USA

See line 15 for the family entry.

People: John A. McKellar, Margaret Finlayson, John D. McKellar and 3 others.

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