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US [1940]

April 10, 1940

Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, United States

People: Elizabeth Sybil McQueen, Andy McQueen and William David McQueen

SAR Membership # 97870 for Thomas McQueen, Patriot

Source Citation: ; SAR Membership Number: 97870. Source Information: U.S., Sons of the American Revolut...

People: Thomas McQueen and Sarah Wilson McQueen

James R. Neely's Ancestors

December 7, 2011

From online info at link:

People: Malinda Neely, Thomas Neely, Sr., Thomas Neely, Jr. and 97 others.

Auckland War Memorial Museum - McQueen-John-Alexander-World-War-I,-1914-1918

Auckland War Memorial Museum - Cenotaph - McQueen John Alexander World War I, 1914-1918

People: John Alexander McQueen

William and Mary White, Census 1900

June 13, 1900

Greenwood, IN, USA

People: Mary White, William White and Eva Mary McQueen

Horace F Weakley, Census 1920


Allegheny, PA, USA

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People: Horace Ferris Weakley, Mary Ruth Weakley and Elizabeth Sybil McQueen

William David McQueen Marriage, Indiana 1938

November 23, 1938

Hendr Cir Ct, Hendricks, IN, USA

People: William David McQueen and Elizabeth Sybil McQueen

Roy G McQueen Census, 1920


Marion, IN, USA

People: Roy Garfield McQueen

Steve McQueen - Wikipedia

Wikipedia article on the great actor

People: Steve McQueen

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