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Rustenburg Hoofstuk 3 Grondleggers van Pretoria.jpg

July 22, 1875

Pretoria, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Aknowledgement to "Rustenburg die Dorp.

People: James Edward Mears

1851 England Census Kinsella family page 1.jpg


Liverpool, Lancashire, England

People: John Kinsella, Jane Kinsella, Timothy Kinsella and 2 others.

World Family Tree CD v144t0369

People: Akers, Akers (Southwell), Edward Midson and 27 others.

People: Arbela Adams, Robert Williams, Sarah Williams and 1502 others.

People: Homer Hadley Himes, William Keen, Norman Mulkins and 659 others.

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