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Catharine Mill.jpg

Durham Reformed Church, Durham, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA

People: Catharine Jacoby

ACollectionofUpwardsofThirtyThousandNamesofGerma_338331460 (1).jpg

TITLE: A Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and Other Immigrants in Pen...

People: Johan Mill


People: Krista Koch, Paul Koch, Salme Koch and 8 others.

Clinton Mill - WW1 registration.jpg

WW1 Registration card

People: Clinton Mill

George & Madame Mill.pdf


Bucks, Pennsylvania

People: George Mill and Madame Mills

Clinton Mill 1910.pdf

April 28, 1910

Springfield, Bucks, Pennsylvania

People: Clinton Mill

Henry S Mill 1910.pdf

April 28, 1910

Springfield, Bucks, Pennsylvania

People: Henry Mill

Edwin S. Mill 1880.pdf

June 3, 1880

Durham, Bucks, Pennsylvania

People: Edwin Mill

Mill 1790.pdf


Bucks, PA, USA

People: Solomon Mill and Peter Mill

Peter Mills 1810.pdf


Nockamixon, PA, USA

People: Peter Mill

Peter Mills 1790 census.gif


Bucks, PA, USA

The only Peter Mills in Pennsylvania in 1790

People: Peter Mill

International Genealogical Index

People: Rose Dunn, H. Adames, and 379 others.

Death Records Index . Bdm. Nsw

People: E. Davison, Walter Blanch, Thomas Mills and 253 others.

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