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Edward Fuller & his descendants (page 230)

April 19, 1722

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Volume 33 (Google eBook) New York Genealogical and Biographical So...

People: Mary Fuller, Sarah Gates, George Gates and 9 others.

Covered Wagon Journey in 1879 of Alonzo and Rebecca Olmstead.pdf

This diary documents Alonzo and Rebecca's covered wagon journey when they moved from Indiana to Meeker, Minnesota.

People: Alonzo Olmstead

John Marsh of Hartford: 3rd generation

Genealogy of the Marsh family: outline for 5 generations of the families of John of Salem, 1633; John of Hartford, 16...

People: Elizabeth Marsh, Joseph Marsh, Jonathan Marsh, Il and 8 others.

A Terrible Tragedy.jpg

November 27, 1893

Seymour, Indiana

This story was copied from "The Olmstead Story", a compilation of Olmstead family history by Kathy Olmstead Shirley.

People: Elizabeth Olive Allie Olmstead

Jeremiah Olmsted 1640 Ireland source final.pdf


Take it for what it is, this document lists Moses Olmsted as the son of Jeremiah Olmsted. Internet location: https:/...

People: Moses Olmsted and Jeremiah Olmsted

Jedediah Olmstead Jeremiah Olmsted Jabez Olmsted source.pdf


New York, New York, United States

This document states that Jabez had a son, Jeremiah, who had a son, Jedediah Olmsted; it verifies this line of Olmste...

People: Capt. Jabez Olmstead, Jeremiah Olmsted and Jedediah Olmsted, Sr.

Jabez Olmsted son of Moses Olmsted Ancestral File.pdf

Take it for what you want, but here is a family tree which has Jabez listed as Moses Olmsted's son. The tree is loca...

People: Moses Olmsted and Capt. Jabez Olmstead

Petition with Captain Jabez Olmsted's signature.pdf

This is a petition which bears Captain Jabez's signature. The signers request permission to form their own township s...

People: Capt. Jabez Olmstead

Captain Jabez's Signature.pdf

This is the only known signature which belongs to Captain Jabez Olmsted. The signature is on a petition which he and ...

People: Capt. Jabez Olmstead

Dorothy Olmstead obituary page 1 of 3.pdf

March 25, 2009

Dorothy Olmstead's obituary.

People: Dorothy McLean - Schaffer (Olmstead)

John Alexander Wentworth and family 1900 Census Sources final.pdf


Provo, Utah, Utah, United States

This database is an index to individuals enumerated in the 1900 United States Federal Census, the Twelfth Census of t...

People: Olive Geneva Olmstead (Wentworth), Lydia A Wentworth and John Alexander Wentworth

Jabez Olmsted and Thankful Barnes info..pdf

This document lists the members of Jabez Olmsted's immediate family members.

People: Capt. Jabez Olmstead

John OLMSTEAD Alice Hankey (name,birth date and place, death date for Alice, marriage date).pdf


Utah, United States

Source: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Ancestral File (TM), July 1996 (c), data as of 2 January 199...

People: Alice Olmstead and John Olmsted

Jabez - Moses Olmsted source (name and Father- son).pdf


Utah, United States

This document shows Moses Olmsted next to his son, Jabez' name.

People: Capt. Jabez Olmstead and Moses Olmsted

Captain Jabez Olmsted Source.pdf


New York, New York, United States

This document shows that Captain Jabez Olmsted was married to Thankful Barnes Olmsted, and was also the Father of Jer...

People: Jeremiah Olmsted, Thankful Olmstead, Capt. Jabez Olmstead and 1 other.

Jeremiah Olmsted and Elizabeth Litten Source.pdf


New York, New York, United States

This document shows several things, among which are the husband/wife relationship between Jeremiah Olmsted, and Eliza...

People: Capt. Jabez Olmstead, Elizabeth (Litten) Olmsted and Jeremiah Olmsted

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