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April 12, 1892

Oklahoma, United States

Lavina and lansford sons marriadw to Addia Smith

People: Lansford Mills and Lavina Mills

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People: Dorothy Parker

Dorothy Parker - Wikipedia

Dorothy Parker (Long Branch (New Jersey), V.S.), 22 augustus 1893 – New York City, 7 juni 1967) was een Amerikaans sc...

People: Dorothy Parker

"Margaret Harleston" in Lives of the Archbishops ... (page 564)

June 24, 1547

Lives of the Archbishops of Canterbury: new series. v. 1-6. Reformation period Walter Farquhar Hook R. Bentley, 187...

People: Matthew Parker, Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury and Margaret Parker

"John Parker" in the Life of Matthew Parker ... (page 512-1513)

The Life and Acts of Matthew Parker, the First Archbishop of Canterbury in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth: Under Whose ...

People: Frances Mathew, Matthew Parker, Margaret Parker and 3 others.

"introductory notice" to the correspondence of Matthew Parker, abp of Canterbury

January 28, 1566

Correspondence of Matthew Parker,] letters written by and to him ... 1535 to ... 1575, ed. by J. Bruce and T.T. Perow...

People: Margaret Parker, Margaret Digges Palmer and Joanna Parker

"Diggs" in the Visitations of Surrey, 1623 (page 140)


Reigate, Surrey, England

The visitations of the county of Surrey : made and taken in the years 1530 by Thomas Benolte, Clarenceux king of arms...

People: Mildred Keyes, John Digges, Esq., of Berham, Mildred Digges and 13 others.

The Pioneer History of Meigs County

January 1, 1908

Meigs County, Ohio, United States

People: John Bing, Stillman Carter Larkin, Eliezer Barker and 159 others.

"Early records of the Parker Family of Andover"

Compiled by Charlotte Helen Abbott, with updates by Andover Historical Society & Memorial Hall Library

People: Joseph Parker, (1682-1715), James Parker, Mary Parker and 3 others.

"Parker" in Pope's Pioneers of Massachusetts (page 344)

Andover, Essex, Massachusetts

Pioneers of Massachusetts, 1620-1650: (1900) Charles H. Pope Higginson Book Company, Jan 1, 1990 - 550 pages.  Page 388

People: Nathan Parker, of Andover, James Parker, Mary Parker and 3 others.

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