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Sarah Naky/Nakey Canoe Ward - Find A Grave Memorial

Grayson, Virginia, United States

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People: Sara Naky Brown / Ward, Nathan Ward, Sr., of Grayson, Virginia, Chief Dragging Canoe and 6 others.

Marriage of Leaf and Dragging Canoe

Family Data Collection - Marriages Name: Dragging Canoe Spouse: Leaf Source Information: Edmund West, comp.. Family D...

People: U Ga Lo Gv "Leaf" Nelly Canoe and Chief Dragging Canoe

1752 - Birth of Young Dragging Canoe


Source Information: Edmund West, comp.. Family Data Collection - Births [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Gener...

People: Young Dragging Canoe, Chief Dragging Canoe and U Ga Lo Gv "Leaf" Nelly Canoe

Pathkiller Power of Attorney.jpg

October 5, 1816

Power of Attorney document, October 5, 1816, bearing the "X" of Chief Pathkiller. Dragging Canoe's wife, U'ga'lo'gv ...

People: Nunna'hi-dihi, Chief Pathkiller

Legend of Pathfinder

American Indian history, culture, art, dance, stories, poems, Indian weddings, news, events. Manataka - a sacred Ame...

People: Nancy Ann "Polly" ann Pathkiller


PATHKILLERGARDENHIRE, James T. & wife, Sarah vs. Wiley BLAIR & others - Circuit Court - 1849

People: Sarah Pathkiller

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