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Sarah Naky/Nakey Canoe Ward - Find A Grave Memorial

Grayson, Virginia, United States

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People: Sara Naky Brown / Ward, Nathan (Grayson County VA) of Grayson, VA. Ward, Sr., Chief Dragging Canoe and 6 others.

Marriage of Leaf and Dragging Canoe

Family Data Collection - Marriages Name: Dragging Canoe Spouse: Leaf Source Information: Edmund West, comp.. Family D...

People: Nellie 'Leaf' Pathkiller U'ga'lo'gv Canoe and Chief Dragging Canoe

1752 - Birth of Young Dragging Canoe


Source Information: Edmund West, comp.. Family Data Collection - Births [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Gener...

People: Young Dragging Canoe, Chief Dragging Canoe and Nellie 'Leaf' Pathkiller U'ga'lo'gv Canoe

Pathkiller Power of Attorney.jpg

October 5, 1816

Power of Attorney document, October 5, 1816, bearing the "X" of Chief Pathkiller. Dragging Canoe's wife, U'ga'lo'gv ...

People: Nunna'hi-dihi, Chief Pathkiller

Legend of Pathfinder

American Indian history, culture, art, dance, stories, poems, Indian weddings, news, events. Manataka - a sacred Ame...

People: Nancy Ann "Polly" ann Pathkiller


PATHKILLERGARDENHIRE, James T. & wife, Sarah vs. Wiley BLAIR & others - Circuit Court - 1849

People: Sarah Pathkiller

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