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People: John Oria Payton

Early Neely's in Ireland - links.

December 7, 2011


Text from on-line web site research summary.

People: William Neely "with a sword", Margaret Neely, Walter Neely and 13 others.

Devon Jon Kinkead.jpg

July 26, 1993

Harris, TX, USA

People: Kinkead, Kinkead (Payton) and Kinkead

Sean Michael Kinkead.jpg

March 21, 1997

Harris, TX, USA

People: Kinkead (Payton), Kinkead and Kinkead


People: Jerushah Fort, Moses Fort, John Fort and 5331 others.

People: Homer Hadley Himes, William Keen, Norman Mulkins and 659 others.

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