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Jannetje Levina Catharina Kruger 1864 Rustenburg Baptism.jpg


Rustenburg, South Africa

Father: Douwe Gerbrand Kruger Mother: Sophia Margaretha Lasya Kruger Witnessed by: Michiel Roets, Elizabeth Kruger, W...

People: Douw Gerbrand Kruger, b7c2d4e3f2, Helena Elizabeth Gertruida Maria Pelser, Willem Jacobus Kruger, b7c2d4e2f5 and 2 others.

5932 Griesel ABraham Jacobus.jpg


Plaas Felepoort, Riet Rivier, Over de Coloniel, Cape, South Africa

Eie sterfkennis/Own death notice Research kindly done by Daniel Jacobus Botes in KAB - Cape Town Archives.

People: Anna Maria Jacoba Pelser, b2c3 SM, Johannes David Griesel, SV/PROG, Anna Maria Botma, b5c3d4e5 and 1 other.

Louisa Hendrina Maria Magdalena Coetzee (Pelser) DN 1854-1876.jpg

March 11, 1876

Rouxville, Xhariep, Free State, South Africa

Boedel / Estate No. P238

People: Louisa Hendrina Maria Magdalena Coetzee

Sterfkennis - Hermanus Steyn 1841 - 1873

November 17, 1873

In sy pa se huis , Vredefontein, OVS, Suid Afrika

VAB S 281

People: Hermanus Steyn, f1g5h1, Willem Hendrik Steyn, e1f1g5, Martha Maria Steyn, b2c6d5e2 and 4 others.

Sterfkennis - Martha Maria Pelser "Pelsten" 1821 - 1874

July 8, 1874

Vredefontein, Winburg, Vrystaat, Suid Afrika

VAB P198

People: Abraham Johannes Pelser, Hendriena Maria Jacoba Pelser, a1b2c3, Hermanus Steyn, f1g5h1 and 1 other.

Sterfkennis - Willem Hendrik Steyn 1820 - 1896

January 23, 1896

Vredefontein, Winburg, Vrystaat, Suid Afrika

VAB S 1231

People: Maria Aletta Petronella van der Merwe, Hermanus van der Merwe, Gesina Cornelia Barnard[van der Merwe] and 15 others.

Susanna Elizabeth Joubert 9 May 1875 Ermelo Baptism.pdf


Ermelo, South Africa

Father: Jan Stephanus Joubert Mother: Martha Johanna Susanna du Preez Witnessed by: Daniel Casparus Joubert, Anna Joh...

People: Daniel Johannes Casparus Joubert, Anna Johanna Maria Joubert, Jan Stephanus Joubert and 2 others.

Anna Alida Magdalena Pelser TAB MHG 6784/1970

July 1, 1970

Pretoria, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

People: Anna Alida Magdalena Pelser

DN/SK Brits Maria Magdalena Susanna.JPG

June 4, 1926

Farm Zoekmekaar, Pietersburg, Limpopo, South Africa

Research done and photo supplied by Judi Marais-Meyer. Death Notice of daughter Maria Magdalena Susanna

People: Hermanus Nicolaas Wessels, Petrus Cornelis Pelser, Johannes Gideon Pelser and 7 others.

Isaac Pelser - Military.jpg

National Home for Disabled Volunteers, Togus, Maine

event: Military event date (year): 1927 event place: Togus, Maine age: 26 birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts estimated...

People: Isaac Pelser

Henning Geslagsregister


© 2007 - Peter Henrich Henning Familiebond

People: Andries Hendrik Krugel, Cornelis Willem Cloete, b1c1d4e8f7, Petrus Gerhardus Bothma, b5c3d10e7f3 and 140 others.

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