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First generation of Phelps in Windsor, Connecticut

Phelps family history and genealogy documenting the Phelps family from the 1500s in England to colonial history and p...

People: William Phelps, of Windsor, CT

1850 Census (Phelps kids)

August 20, 1850

Laurens, Otsego, NY, United States

People: Francis Phelps, John Phelps, Henry William Phelps and 4 others.

1850 Census, Henry & Sally Phelps

August 20, 1850

Laurens, Otsego, NY, United States

People: Sally Phelps and Henry Phelps


p. 12

People: antley (Antley), Johann Jacob Folk, III, Elizabeth Catherina Folk / Stockman and 594 others.

Daniel Hawthorne (1731-1796) DAR Ancestor A053836


People: Rachel Hathorne and Captain Daniel Hathorne

estes-genealogies... p 31

People: Estes Newhall, Ruth Breed, Rebecca Breed and 338 others.

Gorsuch Phelps lineage.jpg

Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne's Descendants. Volume I

People: Anne Gorsuch, Ann Rachel Phelps, Richard Gorsuch and 14 others.

1912 Nelson Peterson marriage rec

March 16, 1912

Chemung, NY, USA

Nelson Peterson's 2nd marriage, at age 73. A range of info here, including his occupation and mother's maiden name.

People: Hannah Peterson, Nelson Peterson, Sarah Ann Phelps and 1 other.

1850 Census (Peterson)

July 20, 1850

Smyrna, Chenango, NY, USA

The Peterson's in 1850, lived in Smyrna, NY.

People: Hannah Peterson, Hannah Marguarite Bogart, Sarah Ann Phelps and 7 others.

1900 Census - Sarah A Phelps

June 10, 1900

Chemung, NY, USA

3rd line, Sarah was living alone, widowed, 64 years old.

People: Sarah Ann Phelps Page not available

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People: Amelia Tarkenton

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