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Rotch and Rodman Genealogy 1713-1804

An original document in the Rotch-Wales Collection of the Massillon Public Library.

People: Joseph Borden, Gideon Borden, Elizabeth Borden and 13 others.

Frank Ernest Rodman Death Cert .jpg

November 16, 1949

Okanagan-Similkameen Regional District, BC, Canada

People: Frank Rodman and E. Rodman

Edwin Alvin Rodman Death Cert. jpg

June 13, 1954

Greater Vancouver Regional District, BC, Canada

People: Edwin Rodman

Rueben Oliver Rodman Death Cert.jpg

May 2, 1933

Fraser-Fort George Regional District, BC, Canada

People: Rueben Rodman

Src Date: NY Nat 11/23/88 V.622 Rec 176. Wi Annie DC 1894, in US 13 yrs

People: S. Zuckerman, S. Zuckerman, T. Zuckerman and 8 others.

Src year: Jo Kellman 1/92

People: L. Milling, L. Rodman and J. Rodman

Src date: Jo Kellman 2/91

People: D. Carlen, B. Rodman, E. Rodman and 3 others.

Scr date:Jo Kellman 2/91

People: Walter Rodman, J. Morrison, Jay Weinberger and 1 other.

Bernard /Breakstone/

People: Adelle Breakstone, D. Rodman, E. Rodman and 1 other.

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