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Marriage record of Szlama Dawid Blumenfeld and Ruchla Liberman 1900

August 6, 1900

Gmina Janowiec, Lublin Voivodeship, Poland

Copied from Lublin archive, Fond 1733, Akt 3. Russian. Marriage registered in Janowiec Aug 6, 1900 of Szlama Dawid B...

People: Szlama Dawid Blumenfeld, Jankiel Blumenfeld, Jochfeta Rywka Blumenfeld and 3 others.


Tel Aviv, Israel

This is a note written by Lipa Rottenberg detailing the family ancestry.

People: Chidushei HaRYM חידושי הרי״מ, Fajwel Brother of Yitzhak Meir Alter Rottenberg ‎, Lipa Rottenberg and 4 others.

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