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GMA News Online: Maja Salvador's pa, ex-actor Ross Rival, cremated

November 20, 2007

People: G. Hernandez, J. Salvador, Jonjon Hernandez and 4 others.

Balita Newspaper: Is Maja indifferent towards her clan?

May 18, 2011

People: G. Fortuna, L. SALVADOR, C. Salvador and 6 others. Actress Deborah Sun gets her second wind

March 24, 2012

DEBORAH Sun and Jam, son with former partner Jimi Melendez photo by EDWIN BACASMAS

People: G. Fortuna, B. Fortuna, L. SALVADOR and 2 others.

Vittorio Urbani - Certidão de Óbito

August 21, 1937

Casa de Saúde Dr. Homem de Helio, Sao Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

People: Andrea Urbani, C. Ugel Urbani, Humberto Urbani and 10 others.


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People: António Alberto Salvador

FamilySearch Record Search

April 11, 1891

Sao Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

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People: Vittorio Urbani, Elizabeth Salvador and Vittorio Andre Salvador Urbani

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