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1853 08 AUG 13 Marriage William Sandbach to Mary Rachel Cheetham.jpg

August 13, 1853

Salford, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

1853 Marriage solemnized at St Philips Church in the Parish of Manchester in the County of Lancaster. When married: A...

People: Eliza Annie Sandbach, Mary Rachel Cheetham, James Cheetham and 2 others.

1869 06 JUN 24 Marriage of James Cockshut to Henrietta Cheetham.jpg

June 24, 1969

Christchurch, Salford, Lancaster

1869 Marriage solemnised at Christ Church in the Parish of Christchurch, Salford, in the County of Lancaster. When Ma...

People: James Cockshut, Joseph Cockshut, James Cheetham and 3 others.

1881 Census Constance Cockshut b 1879.jpg


Salford, Greater Manchester, England, United Kingdom

This has to be one of the most entertaining census forms I have come across! James and Henrietta Cockshut and their y...

People: James Cockshut, Henrietta Cockshut, James Cheetham Cockshut and 4 others.

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