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August 1905

Bremen, Bremen, Germany

This is a summary record provided by documenting Blume Schneider's voyage on in August, 1905 on the SS K...

People: Florence "Bluma" Sneider and Harry Savetman

Harris Savetman 127 W. Barre St Baltimore 1905 .pdf


Baltimore, Maryland, United States

The Baltimore City directory in 1905 showed a listing for Harris Savetman working as a tailor at 127 W. Barre St. Th...

People: Harry Savetman and Florence "Bluma" Sneider

1905 Alien Passenger List BLUME SCHNEIDER.jpg

August 17, 1905

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

BLUME TRAVELS TO THE NEW WORLD! Worth zooming in on this. . .Handwritten "List of Alien Passengers" from the SS Koln...

People: Harry Savetman and Florence "Bluma" Sneider

1940 Census Louis&Lena Harris +BLUMA SNEIDER.jpg

April 1, 1940

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Louis, age 57, and Lena, 58, are living with their daughter Ida, 30, at 110 N. Lakewood Avenue. According to this cen...

People: Florence "Bluma" Sneider, Ida Rubenstein, Lena Harris and 1 other.

1910 Census BLUME SNYDER.jpg

April 15, 1910

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

"Blume Snyder" is the head of the family, living in Baltimore at 222. S. Eden St. It gives her age as 55, widowed, b...

People: Jennie Block, David William Sneider, Rose Rosendorf and 1 other.

1930 Census Louis&Lena Harris + BLUMA SNEIDER.jpg

April 1, 1930

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Shows the family of Louis, age 47, and Lena, 48, living together at 110 Lakewood Ave in Baltimore. Louis is a tailor...

People: Israel Harris, Morris Harris, Mary Foxman and 6 others.

Louis and Lena Harris 1920 Census.jpg

January 1, 1920

Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Louis, 36, and Lena, 34, and their 6 children are living at 29 Exeter St. Louis's occupation is tailor. The children...

People: David William Sneider, Louis Harris, Lena Harris and 7 others.

From Rebeka Sandler's prayer book Isidor & Meta engagement.jpg

Father Meyer Sandler noted in Rebeka's book 2 important events: 1- birth of Siegfried Gruenspan Geburt unse...

People: Isidor (Isaac) Sandler

Litvak Birth Record: Shora Sheina Hideson

June 16, 1882

Pumpenai, Panevezys, Kaunas, Lithuania

This 1882 Pumpenai birth record shows the birth of a girl, Shora Sheina, to Gershon and Hene Hindeson on 11 Tammuz, J...

People: Gershen Henderson, Eliash Hindes, Hene Henderson and 1 other.

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