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From Rebeka Sandler's prayer book Isidor & Meta engagement.jpg

Father Meyer Sandler noted in Rebeka's book 2 important events: 1- birth of Siegfried Gruenspan Geburt unse...

People: Isidor (Isaac) Sandler

Litvak Birth Record: Shora Sheina Hideson

June 16, 1882

Pumpenai, Panevezys, Kaunas, Lithuania

This 1882 Pumpenai birth record shows the birth of a girl, Shora Sheina, to Gershon and Hene Hindeson on 11 Tammuz, J...

People: Gershen Henderson, Eliash Hindes, Hene Henderson (Sandler) and 1 other.

1887 Pumpenai Family List: Abram Sandler


Pumpenai, Panevezys, Kaunas, Lithuania

The 1887 Pumepenai Family List shows Abram Sandler, age 67, and wife Rocha, age 68, with only youngest daughter Hoda ...

People: Abram Sandler, Rocha Freyde Sandler, Hoda Zak and 10 others.

Pumpenai Death Record: Yankel-Ydel Sandler

November 13, 1895

Pumpenai, Panevezys, Kaunas, Lithuania

This Pumpenai death record shows Yankel-Ydel Sandler, son of Shlioma, dying in 1895 of "old age" at 71.

People: Yankel-Ydel Sandler

Pasvalys Death Record: Shlomo Hillel Sandler, 1931

January 21, 1931

Pasvalys, Panevezys, Kaunas, Lithuania

This record shows "Sloime Sandleris", son of "Idel" and "Rocha Seine", dying in January 1931, aged 85, of heart disea...

People: Shlomo-Hillel Sandler

Litvak Birth Record: Leyzer Gindeson 1883

September 3, 1883

Pumpenai, Panevezys, Kaunas, Lithuania

Birth record for Leyzer Hindeson, later known as Louis Henderson, 1883 in Pumpenai.

People: Louis Henderson, Hene Henderson (Sandler) and Gershen Henderson

Litvak Bith Record - Toyba Dveyra Gindes 1878

January 23, 1878

Pumpenai, Panevezys, Kaunas, Lithuania

1878 Pumpenai birth record for Toyba Dveyra Hindeson. There is no other record for this child, presumably she died be...

People: Toyba Dveyra Hindeson, Hene Henderson (Sandler) and Gershen Henderson

Litvak Birth Record: Gode Basya Gindesh 1876

January 5, 1876

Pumpenai, Panevezys, Kaunas, Lithuania

Lithuanian birth record from 1876 for Hoda Bosha Hindes. The date may be her actual birth date, or the date that the ...

People: Bessie Gordon (Henderson), Gershen Henderson and Hene Henderson (Sandler)

Pumpenai Family List 1887 - Gindes family


Pumpenai, Panevezys, Kaunas, Lithuania

The 1887 family list shows Gershon Hindes(on), age 43, his wife Hene, 42, and his children Eliash Itsik (aka Isaac He...

People: Gita Riska Hindes, Shlioma Nosel Hindes, Shmuel Leyba Hindes and 5 others.

Gershun Henderson death certificate

August 21, 1925

Baltimore, Baltimore, MD, USA

Finally, the "smoking gun" connecting a known Henderson relative, Bessie Henderson's brother Louis, to the Gershon He...

People: Louis Henderson, Gershen Henderson and Hene Henderson (Sandler)

Jewish Exponent - 100708.pdf

People: Sandler (Hersh)

Gershon and Hene Henderson marriage record

November 25, 1865

Pumpenai, Panevyzis, Kaunas, Lithuania

Jewish Gen record showing the marriage of Gershon Gindes and Hene Sandler.

People: Gershen Henderson, Hene Henderson (Sandler) and Abram Sandler

Hene Henderson Death Certificate 1916

November 22, 1916

Baltimore, MD, USA

Death certificate from Maryland State Archives. This definitively links Hene Henderson with the 1910 and 1920 census ...

People: Hene Henderson (Sandler)

Unknown Source 219

People: Sandler

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