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Marriage of Ernest Gottlieb.pdf

June 17, 1934

Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States

People: Bertha Klein, Frank Klein, P. Gottlieb and 3 others.

Birth Record of Esther Rosenbaum

May 22, 1820

Kostrzyn, gorzowski, Lubusz Voivodeship, Poland

Birth record of Ernestina (Esther) Rosenbaum, from the records of Custrin, Prussia. Sent to me by Andy Steinhauf, inf...

People: Ernestina Schlesinger

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People: James R. Schlesinger, Director of Central Intelligence, U.S. Secretary of Energy and Defense


People: A. Goldstein, Rozalia (Sali Sara Lotti) Goldstein, K. Goldstein and 1 other.


September 27, 1891

Štúrovo, Nitriansky kraj, Slovakia

People: Mark (Markusz) Baig (Beig), Katalin Schlesinger, Helén Szabó and 4 others.

James R. Schlesinger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dr. James Rodney Schlesinger (born February 15, 1929) is an American politician. He is best known for serving as Secr...

People: James R. Schlesinger, Director of Central Intelligence, U.S. Secretary of Energy and Defense

Schlesinger diploma.JPG

January 1890

Vienna, Austria

This is an enormous diploma (maybe 4ft by 2ft) we had rolled up in a tube. It's in Latin but clearly seems to be Dr....

People: Dr. Hermann Schlesinger

1910 Cencus


Portland, OR, USA

People: E. Schlesinger, Max Schlesinger, Sanford Schlesinger and 1 other.

passenger manifest.png

October 27, 1905


Passenger manifest that shows Max Schlesinger arrival into the US

People: Max Schlesinger

stupava births l 21.jpg

Bratislavský kraj, Slovakia

Stupava, Slovakia Jewish Births, marriages, deaths (Narodenia, manželstva, úmrtia), 1790-1892 (Inv. č. 2172); “Slovak...

People: Franziska Fanni Schlesinger

1920 Census Schlesinger.jpeg



People: E. Lieberman, Sanford Schlesinger, C. Schlesinger and 3 others.

Therese Mahler Obituary.png

People: T. Mahler, F. Basch, Gustav Schlesinger and 2 others.

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