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Edward Slade (1800 - 1862) - Find A Grave Memorial

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People: Edward Slade

Ancestry Family Trees

People: E. Hague, Richard Gubbin, Violet Briscoe and 136 others.


People: JOHN BAGER, John Bager, Anna Bager and 891 others.

Public Member Trees

People: Mahala Mercer, J. Baugher, Iva Baugher and 8159 others.

Public Member Trees

People: A. Banta, Petrus Banta, A. Brough and 87 others.


People: Joseph Chase, Tyler Daniels, Ezra Jinks and 2621 others.

our wreath from web.FTW

People: C. McNeil, Thomas Oliver, I, Henry Oliver and 65 others.


People: S. Folkers, George Ripley, Thomas Oliver, I and 105 others.

1871 census

People: James Haslop, Fanny Hunt, Mary Hunt and 440 others.

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