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Obituary Edward Steinberg

March 25, 2011

Syracuse, Onondaga, New York, United States

People: Edward Steinberg

1816 - Sølvskatten Egersund side 4-5

October 11, 1816

Egersund Personer som mangler: Mikkel Jakobsen Koldal Gunder Tollefsen Vin...

People: Lars Stapnes, Jakob Stapnes, Tarald Sivertsen Svanes and 46 others.

Census 1910 Text Lerner Meier and Wasserman Sam

People: A. Lerner, Yetta Wasserman, N. Lerner and 5 others.

Census 1910 Segment Meyer Lerner Sam Wasserman

People: M. Lerner, Mollie Steinberg, A. Lerner and 6 others.

Lisa and Greg Thank-you note

People: G. Steinberg and L. Steinberg

Raymon Lisa Greg Steinberg Wedding Announcement

July 14, 2007

People: L. Steinberg and G. Steinberg

1920 United States Federal Census

People: Frances Isaacs, M. Rayfield, Ruth Isaacs and 29 others.


People: L. Goldberg and Ethel "Etl" Goldberg

Ww2 registration card - julius feldman.jpg

April 27, 1942

Philadelphia, PA, USA

WWII Registration - Julius Feldman

People: J. Feldman and Bessie Feldman

1920 census - julius feldman.jpg

January 8, 1920

1920 Census - Feldman

People: J. Feldman, Bessie Feldman, C. Feldman and 1 other.

U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 2

People: S. Greenman, A. Greenman, M. Rose and 43 others.

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