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1940 Gus A. Wade and Wilma L. Summers Census.jpg


Missouri, United States

People: S. Bauman, Wilma L. Wade and Gus A. Wade

Valor awards for James Calvin Summers | Military Times Hall of Valor

Medal of Honor citations for James Calvin Summers | Military Times Hall of Valor

People: James Summers


April 7, 2012

Indianapolis, Marion, IN, USA

Children of Daniel Hillenberg (Hilgenberg) and Mary Hillenberg (Shrader)

People: Melinda Hillenberg (Summers)

California Death Records 1940-1997

free searchable, includes SSN #, mother's maiden name, and Post-em notes

People: M. Raver, Thomas Sharpnack, B. Mix and 102 others.



Andrew, MO, USA

People: Walter Farrow, William Farrow, Charles Farrow and 7 others.

1891 census.jpeg

Ellen L'a Summers - kitchen maid aged 17

People: Ellen Louisa Watkins


Christian Joder Family Tree

Family tree of descendants of immigrant Christian Joder.

People: Stephen Yoder, Christian Yoder, Albert Yoder and 23 others.

People: Edna Fast

1901 England Census

People: Susan Watts, E. Kane, K. McIver and 18 others.

1871 England Census

People: John Juniper, J. Day, G. Day and 19 others.

1881 England Census

People: John Juniper, W. Cole, K. McIver and 29 others.

1861 England Census

People: E. Humphreys, John Juniper, W. Cole and 33 others.

1851 England Census

People: C. Cole, Keneth McIver, Edward Hyatt and 28 others.

Ancestry Family Trees

People: G. Day, Barbara Juniper, C. Cole and 91 others.

Fairfax County VA Misc Holdings


Fairfax, VA, USA

Miscellandous property holdings from 1760 - 1820.

People: John Summers, Sr. and Francis Summers, Sr.

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