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Celia Young, born abt 1822 - Maine - 1870 United States Census

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People: Celia Young

Joan Thompson Gunter Obituary

April 18, 2012

Barnesville, Lamar County, Georgia, United States

Mrs. Joan Thompson Gunter, age 78, of Barnesville passed away Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at her residence. Mrs. Gunter...

People: Joan Gunter

1881 Census Thomas M Whincup b 1833.jpg


Heworth Lane, York, Yorkshire

In 1881 Thomas and Mary were now living at Heworth Lane, York Thomas Mason Whincup Head Mar 48 Joiner b Clifton Mary ...

People: William Thompson Whincup, Mary Ann Whincup, Frederick Tom Whincup and 2 others.

1871 Census Thomas M Whincup b 1833.jpg


York, York, United Kingdom

In 1871 Thomas and Mary have moved and it would appear that son, John isn't there…He would be 10 or 11 by now….Lets h...

People: Thomas Mason Whincup, Harriett Mary Cooper, Frederick Tom Whincup and 2 others.

1861 Census Thomas M Whincup b 1833.jpg


York, York, United Kingdom

In 1861, Thomas and Mary are living at 44, Lowther Street, York with their two small boys, William and John Thomas M...

People: Mary Ann Whincup, John C Whincup and Thomas Mason Whincup

1901 Census Percy Charles Upton b 1870.jpg


London, Greater London, United Kingdom

In 1901 Percy Charles Upton and his wife Ellen were living at 60 Fifth Avenue Paddington with their 3 daughters Elsie...

People: Ellen Stainton Upton, Elsie Francis Walter, Nellie Gertrude Cooper and 2 others.

Jacomina Thompson

April 2, 1931

Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia

People: Jacomina Margaret Thompson

Peter Cornelius Johannes Thompson

July 8, 1906

Gwelo, Southern Rhodesia

People: Peter Cornelius Johannes Thompson

William Roland Thompson

July 2, 1955

Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia

People: William Roland Thompson

Wilhelmina Francina Thompson

August 19, 1943

Selukwe, Southern Rhodesia

People: Wilhelmina Francina Thompson

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