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History of Parliament Online - HOBART, Sir Miles (1598/9-1632), of Harleyford, Bucks. and London

London, England

HOBART, Sir Miles (1598/9-1632), of Harleyford, Bucks. and London b. 1598/9,1 o.s. of Miles Hobart of Harleyford and ...

People: Richard Brooke, Sr., Richard THORPE and Elizabeth BROOKE

Wikipedia, - Miles Hobart

London, England

Sir Miles Hobart (12 April 1595 – 20 June 1632) was an English politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1628 t...

People: Elizabeth BROOKE and Richard THORPE

Thorpe-Barwick Wedding Newspaper Article.png

March 5, 1838

Queenstown, Tasmania, Australia

People: Bernard Thorpe

Visitations of the North Pg. 52

Northumberland, England, United Kingdom

Visitations of the North

People: William Wycliffe, Esq., George Bowes, of Streatham & Dawden, Ralph Eure, Sir, of Witton and 19 others.

Thomas Thorpe (1817 - 1886) - Find A Grave Memorial

Accuracy and Copyright Disclaimer

People: Thomas Thorpe

Crane, Historic Homes ... Worcester County. Vol 3. Page 46.

Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts

Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Personal ..., Volume 3  By Ellery Bicknell Crane

People: Benjamin Bullard and Elizabeth Hill

A brief account of the Skipwiths of Newbold, Metheringham and Prestwould (1867) Pg. 12

Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom

A brief account of the Skipwiths of Newbold, Metheringham and Prestwould (1867) by Fulwar Skipwith, 1810-1883 http://...

People: John Thorpe, Knight, Sir Herbert de Flinton, Sir John de Skipwith and 6 others.

Lincolnshire pedigrees (1902) Vol. III Pg. 894

Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom

Lincolnshire pedigrees (1902) Vol. III

People: Sir William Skipwith, Sir John de Skipwith, Margaret de Flinton and 19 others.

California Death Records 1940-1997

free searchable, includes SSN #, mother's maiden name, and Post-em notes

People: M. Raver, Thomas Sharpnack, B. Mix and 102 others.

John Thorpe 1920 Census


Sumner, Kansas, USA

People: John Thorpe, Jr., Mary Snook, J. Thorpe and 1 other.

John Thorpe 1910 Census


Glick, Kiowa, Kansas, USA

People: J. Thorpe, John Thorpe, Jr., Mary Snook and 5 others.

Santa Fe Committee Meets Management at Topeka


Article mentions John Thorpe, Vice-Chairman, Santa Fe Railroad, Wellington Kansas Source: Brotherhood of Maintenan...

People: John Thorpe, Jr.

Castle Garden

June 26, 1884

New York, NY, USA

Record of one John Thorpe, age 18, entering the US via New York in 1884

People: John Thorpe, Jr.

John Thorpe Census 1900

June 1, 1900

Clark, Kansas, USA

Name: John Thorpe Titles: Residence: Englewood city, Clark, Kansas Birth Date: Mar 1867 Birthplace: England ...

People: John Thorpe, Jr., Mary Snook, George Thorpe and 5 others.

George Thorpe Bible Family Registry.pdf

Family registry from inside the family bible of George Sr and Pearl Thorpe

People: P. Thorpe, George Thorpe, R. Thorpe and 12 others.

Ray Thorpe Sr Death Certificate 1966.pdf

December 29, 1966

People: R. Thorpe, George Thorpe, P. Thorpe and 1 other.

Ancestry Family Trees

People: B. Crossingham, H. Crassingham, Thomas Wedlock and 159 others.

People: William Murley, H. Missing, M. Spreckley and 27 others.

People: F. Spreckley, A. Spreckley, H. Smith and 6 others.

People: E. Spurgin, Edmund Spreckley, Henry Sheffield and 10 others.

People: Annie Pentreath, Janie Pezzack, Richard Pezzack and 52 others.

People: Elizabeth Murley, L. Spreckley, Emma Mower and 54 others.

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