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VISAGIE Jan Christoffel 1862-1953

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People: Jan Christoffel Visagie

Gerrit Louis

September 21, 1710

Cape Town, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

People: Johannes Henricus Conradie, b2, Johannes Josua Faasen, Gerrit Louis van der Laan and 8 others.

Swanepoel Maryna Maria Petronella MHG 3689(1) (1).jpg

August 5, 1900

Concentration Camp, Klerksdorp, Southern DC, North West, South Africa

Own DN/Eie SK Navorsing en foto Judi Marais-Meyer

People: Magritha Magdalena Visagie, Jacobus Cornelis Swanepoel, b3c3d2e3f5, Pieter Johannes van Herwaarden and 3 others.

Email dated 22 Nov 2013 from Marieta Mundell

Email dated 22 Nov 2013 from Marieta Mundell re Visagie Family

People: Visagie, Willem Visagie and Visagie (Theron)

Theron Aletta Sophia SK.JPG

January 9, 1971

Winterhoek, Zeerust, Nortwest, South Africa

Own death notice. Research and photo by Judi Marais-Meyer

People: Charlotte Petronella de Leeu, Pieter Francois Theron, Ian Theron and 3 others.


Death Notice of Anna Magdalena Symons

People: Anna Magdalena Symons

Zion Gerrit Worst Death Notice.JPG

July 28, 1936

Weltevreden, Volksrust, South Africa

People: Zion Gerrit Worst, Maria Magdalena Pretorius, a1b3c1d2e4f4g6h1, Worst and 6 others.

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