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DNV70 _ Lucas Andries Visagie.jpg

July 11, 1865

Winburg, Lejweleputswa, Free State, South Africa

Own death notice/Eie sterfkennis - V70 Research and photos by Pieter Johannes Taljaard. Bloemfontein

People: Lucas Andries Visagie, b1c9d8e8

V197 Visagie Mattheus Johannes (1).jpg

June 2, 1874

Kroonstad, Northern Free State, Free State, South Africa

Eie sterfkennis/Own death notice- V197 Research and photo by Pieter Johannes Taljaard

People: Rudolph Johannes Visagie and Matheus Johannes Visagie, f2g2

VISAGIE Jan Christoffel 1862-1953

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People: Jan Christoffel Visagie

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