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April 13, 1842

St Georges Hanover Square, London, Greater London, United Kingdom

People: James Watson, Samuel Cleaver, Louisa Watson and 1 other.



England, United Kingdom

People: Charles Watson-Munro and Louisa Watson

Ancestors of Rev. Williams Howe Whittemore .... Pg. 17

Connecticut, United States

Ancestors of Rev. Williams Howe Whittemore, Bolton, Ct., 1800--Rye, N. Y., 1885, and of his wife Maria Clark, New Yor...

People: Daniel Loomis, Jr., Elizabeth Barber, Capt. Joseph Drake and 24 others.


p. 32

People: Col. Benjamin Herndon, Elizabeth Farrow, James Farrow and 147 others.



Stewart, Tennessee, United States

People: Callie Spiceland, Edith Sasser, George Watson and 3 others.

Shepton's Party


Aurora Ship

People: William Watson, SV/PROG



McAlester, Pittsburg, Oklahoma, United States

People: Richard Sittel, Nellie Sittel, Frank Sittel, Jr. and 1 other.



McAlester, Pittsburg, Oklahoma, United States

People: Richard Sittel, Frank Sittel, Sr., Frank Sittel, Jr. and 2 others.

Headstone - Walter & Margaret Freeman

Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

Bolton Street Cemetery, Wellington Bodies were reinterred 1968-1972 for motorway construction. Headstone was reloca...

People: Margaret Freeman and Walter Freeman

The Direct Clark Ancestry of Edmund Clark, Jr. (1815-1902) of Russell St. Lawrence County, NY A Descendent of Daniel Clark(1622-1710) of Windsor, Connecticut (1966)

Connecticut, United States

ONLY THE 1ST 50 PAGES, OTHER PAGES INDIVIDUALLY UPLOADED The Direct Clark Ancestry of Edmund Clark, Jr. (1815-1902) o...

People: Martha Clark, Nathaniel Clark, Rev. John Warham and 79 others.

The Ages of Jacob Livingston's family

This paper was found in Thomas Tobias Livingston's Bible, (son of Jacob and Sarah "Salley" (Van Kleek) Livingston)

People: Sarah Van Kleek Livingston, Jacob Livingston, Harriet Stevens and 9 others.

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People: Jane Watson

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