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Death - Naomi Agatha O'Connor, 17 Sep 1997, Waterford, St Catherine - The Gleaner, 28 Sep 1997.jpg

September 17, 1997

556 Industry Road, Waterfor, Portmore, Saint Catherine, Jamaica

People: Downie (O'Connor), Ferdinand Alphonso Rhone, Vida Äunt Mime" Butler (O'Connor) and 4 others.

Death - Iris [Vilma] Lawrence, 18 Dec 1974 - The Gleaner, 18 Dec 1975.png

December 18, 1974

Memoriam - The Gleaner, 18 Dec 1975

People: Naomi Agatha "Gatta" O'Connor, West, Fae Weir and 1 other.

Wilhelmina Ezerha Weir.jpg

October 20, 1920

Content, Saint Catherine, Jamaica

People: Rebecca Weir and Weir

Gershom Hezekiah Weir.jpg

March 23, 1927

Content, Saint Catherine, Jamaica

People: Rebecca Weir and Newell (Weir)

Mary Ann James Weir, DOB 29 Apr 1854 (Parents, George and Catherine Weir), St Dorothy.jpg

April 29, 1854

Content, Saint Dorothy, Middlesex, Jamaica

Baptism solemized in the Parish of Saint Dorothy in the County of Middlesex in the year of our Lord 1854. . Mary Ann ...

People: Mary Ann James Weir, George Weir and Catherine Weir

Theophilus Malcolm Weir, 20 Oct 1862 (Mother, Catherine Weir).jpg

October 20, 1862

Content,, Saint Dorothy, Middlesex, Jamaica

Theophilus Malcolm Weir born in Content on the 20th Oct 1862, baptised on the 21st June 1869 in the Parish of Saint D...

People: Catherine Weir and Theophilus Malcolm Weir

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