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Volume 17 X-Z & Add.pdf

People: Caspar van Zyl, b3c2d11, Kuestner (Zimmermann), Zimmermann and 47 others.

Louis Henry Rozsavolgyi birth certificate

April 20, 1872

Greater London, UK

Copy of birth certificate for Louis Henry Rozsavolgyi, with details of parents as well as residence.

People: Louis Rozsavolgyi, Louis Henry Rozsavolgyi and Fredericke Henriette Louise Ernestine Rozsavolgyi

Lehrer, Family 1920 Census

April 10, 1920

140 East Broadway, New York, NY, USA

People: Sadie Zwerling, Hilda Theresa Zwerling, Charles and 1 other.

Public Member Trees

People: Genevieve Mary Dempsey, Hetherly, Huck and 499 others.

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