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Freudenthal Genealogy and Freudenthal Family History Information

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About the Freudenthal surname

Alternate spellings of 'Freudenthal' provides free access to arrivals in New York for the years 1820-1913. Their database provides an interesting catalog of possible alternate spellings of this surname. If you search for "Freudenthal" relatives there you will find 5 pages of names.

There are many more names entered using creative spellings. You can use wildcards to get results with alternate spellings, yet there are so many possible alternate spellings this is a daunting task. For example, below are some wildcard search terms and some of the surnames recorded for those arriving at Castle Garden that may well be equivalent to 'Freudenthal'.


Fredebaul, Fredebeil, Frendenthal, Frendoll, Frenill, Freutwedel, Freybal, Friedensthal, Friedenthal, Friedewall, Friedl, Friegal, Friodl, Fritzendahl, Frodhall, Froebel, Froedel, Frohnapfel, Fromal, Frommel, Fromenthal, Frovizel, Fraul, Fruchsel, Frucknell, Frudel, Fruechtel, Fruechtenichl, Fruedel, Fruel, Fruell, Fruempel, Fruenmel, Fruesdell, Fruil, Frummell, Frundenthal, Frunell Fruysell, Frwohil, Fryendahl, Frydendal, Frynhall


Freudentha, Friedentha, Fruchtinna


Fraerthal, Framitath, Franckenthal, Fratal, Fraucuthal, Frauenthal, Fredenthal, Freidenstraler, Freistschal, Freita


Trauenthal, Trosethal


Fradewald, Frandenthal, Fraudenthal


Fodel, Fogadahl, Foidel, Fondell, Fondl, Fonningsdal, Fonsdersvil, Foodal, Forsdal, Fortriedl, Fourdieul


Fuckennadel, Fudel, Fudhil, Fudl, Fuedel, Fuendel, Fuidel, Fundall, Fundanel

fa*d*l Fadel, Fadell, Faderel, Faderl, Fagerdahl, Faidel, Famdel, Fanadel, Fandasel, Fandel, Fandell, Fanderl, Fandernal, Fandl, Fardahl, Farwendel, Faudel


Feddrol, Federkeil, Federl, Federoll, Federopiel, Federrall, Federshiel, Federspoel, Federspul, Federsyriel, Fedul, Feidel, Feidenthal, Feirndahl, Feldhegel, Fendall, Fendel, Fenderall, Fendl, Fendrel, Fenendael, Fenndl, Ferdel, Fergendl, Feridel, Feriedel, Fermedahl, Feudel