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Vasily of Kostroma MP (1241 - 1276)

Vasily Yaroslavich Born: 1241 Died: 1276 Father: Yaroslav II Grand Prince of Vladimir Mother: Fjodosina Igorevna of Ryazan Spouse: Name unknown Issue: (2) Unnamed children, died young VASILY Ia...

Mikhail Yaroslavich "The Brave" MP (c.1229 - 1248)

Mikhail Iaroslavich Khorobrit (The Brave) (Russian: Михайл Ярославич Хор&#x...

Yaroslav III Yaroslavich Prince of Tver and Grand Prince of Vladimir MP (1220 - 1271)

Yaroslav (Iaroslav) III Yaroslavich (Iaroslavich) (Russian: Ярослав Ярославич), Prince Ya...

Ingvar of Lutsk MP (1152 - 1220)

Ingvar Yaroslavich (Ингварь Ярославич in Russian) (? - ?), Prince of Dorogobuzh, Prince o...

Sviatoslav Prince of Tver Grand Prince of Vladimir MP (deceased)

Sviatoslav Yaroslavich (Russian: Святослав Ярославич) Prince of Pskov, Prin...

Afanasy Yaroslavich (deceased)

Daniil (Daniel) Yaroslavich (b. - 1280)

Fyodor Yaroslavich (c.1219 - 1233)

Fyodor Yaroslavich (Winter, 1219 - 5 June 1233). Betrothed to Euphrosyne Mikhailovna of Chernigov. She was a daughter of Michael of Chernigov and Maria Romanovna of Galicia and Volynia. Fyodor died the...

Konstantin Yaroslavich Prince of Galich and Dmitrov (c.1230 - 1255)

Maria Yaroslavich (c.1240 - d.)

Александр Rurikovich (b. - 1326)

Глеб Ярославич Ярославич (deceased)

Ярослава Ярославна (Yaroslavich) (deceased)