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דבורה זוטולובסקי דיין Dvora Zotolovsky Dayan MP (1890 - 1956)

דבורה דיין ערך זה זקוק לעריכה: &...

אודי דיין Udi Dayan MP

יעל דיין-שיאון Yael Dayan-Sion MP

--------------------יעל דיין יעל דיין תאריך לי�...

שמואל דיין Shmuel Dayan MP (1891 - 1968)

Shmuel Dayan (8 August 1891 – 11 August 1968) was a Zionist activist during the British Mandate of Palestine and an Israeli politician who served in the first three Knessets. Born in the town ...

דיין Dayan (deceased)

הרב אברהם דיין Rabbi Avraham Dayan (c.1860 - d.)

אהרן דיין Aharon Dayan (deceased)

אליהו דיין Elijah Dayan (1883 - 1970)

הרב אליהו דיין Rabbi Eliyahu Dayan (deceased)

Dayan of Aleppo Tree Davidic dynasty History Of Dayyan Encyclopaedia Judaica DAYYAN, Syrian family claiming descent from King David. The Dayyan family's origin can be traced to a branch of th...

אסי דיין Assi Dayan (c.1945 - c.2014)

אסי דיין אסי דיין אסי דיין, 2007 תא&#x...

בלה הורביץ Bela Hurviz (c.1887 - c.1975)

Redundant profile/tree with no additional info to the existing one.

בת-שבע דיין מור Bat-Sheva Dayan Morr (1898 - d.)

הלן יונה חנוך דיין Helene Yona Hanoch Dayan (1903 - 1976)

Zorik Dayan (1926 - 1948)

Uzi Dayan, Aluf (General) at the IDF, former vice Chief of Staff, Former commander of the secret unit 669, , is the son of Zohar (Zorik) Dayan.--------------------זוהר ...

יצחק דיין Itzchak Dayan (deceased)

הרב פנחס דיין Rabbi Pinchas Dayan (c.1839 - c.1918)

ראובן דיין Reuven Dayan (deceased)

רחל דיין Rachel Dayan (deceased)

רחל דיין Rachel Dayan (deceased)