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Jacob Katz MP (1904 - 1998)

------------------------ Jacob Katz was born in 1904 in Magyargencs, a small village in western Hungary. There were few orthodox Jews in the village and no Jewish school, so during his first school yea...

Leah Katz [Maharal daughter #5] (Loew) MP (c.1555 - c.1578)

Lea LOEW, daughter no. 5 of the Maharal of Prague, married Rabbi Isaac (Jizchak) (Yitzhak) HaCohen Katz (Jacob Elhanan) (d. 30 May 1624 Prague), son of Rabbi Samson (Simson) COHEN. Lea LOEW died chil...

Rabbi Naftali Hirsch Katz (#1) - MP (c.1607 - 1649)

= was the Av Beis Din in lublin, he wrote the sefer of peiros g'nusarDie Familie Wolf - by Ernst Wolf 1924see chart of family Latzko-------------------- more

Rabbi Yitzchak HaCohen Katz II Rabbi of Stopin and Lublin - MP (1608 - c.1670)

Av Beis Din in Stefan "Die Familie Wolf"- by Ernst Wolf 1924 "Unbroken Chain", by Dr. Neil Rosenstein, page 451 G6.6. R. Isaac Katz, Darshan of Parague and later ABD of Stepan in Volhynia. He a...

Rabbi Yitzhak ha-Kohen Katz, [Maharal Son in-law] MP (1550 - 1634)

Rabbi Yitzhak (Issac) (Jizchak) KATZ (COHEN TZEDEK) (d. 30 May 1624 Prague) son of Rabbi Shimhson (Samson) COHEN first married Lea LOEW daughter of the Maharal of Prague. Lea LOEW died childless, and R...

Vogele Bezalel Katz [Maharal Dau. #6] (Loew) MP (1556 - 1629)

Lea LOEW [Maharal daughter #5] died childless, and Rabbi Yitzhak KATZ (Ha-)COHEN remarried Lea LOEW's sister Vögele (Vaigel) Bezalel Löb (LOEW) [Maharal daughter #6] (d. 28 Jan. 1629 Prag...

Wife Chaim HaCohen-Katz MP (deceased)

wife, Meir Horowitz (Katz) MP (1630 - 1713)

Daughter Katz, 1st wife of Meir Ha-Levi Horowitz See Official Horowitz Family tree link above. They had ten children together. 1. Yakov Yokel 2. Tzvi Hirsh 3. Aryeh Leib 4. Yishayahu 5....

Yente Leah Katz (Meisels) MP (1625 - 1705)

Daughter of a prominent businessman, granddaughter of the great Maharshal, and great grand-daughter of the Rema.-------------------- (Leah) WOLF born before 1650, died in Viennamarried R' Sabtai KOHEN ...

אברהם כץ (deceased)

אברהם כץ (deceased)

אברהם כץ (deceased)

אברהם כץ (deceased)

אדל . (deceased)

אהרון כץ (deceased)

אהרון כץ (deceased)

אווה כץ (deceased)

אידיל כץ (deceased)

Irving (1928 - 1996)

אלימלך כץ (1929 - 2006)

אליעזר כץ (deceased)

אסתר כץ (deceased)

אריה כץ (deceased)

אשר כץ (deceased)

בלה כץ (deceased)

בלה כץ (deceased)

בני כץ (deceased)

בני כץ (deceased)

בתיה כץ (deceased)

בתיה כץ (ברכר) (deceased)

דבורה כץ (deceased)

דוד כץ (deceased)

דוד כץ (deceased)

דיטה . (deceased)

דליה שמעונה גרידינגר (כץ) (deceased)

הלן כץ (גלמן) (1925 - 1972)

הנזל כץ (deceased)

הניה כץ (deceased)

הרי כץ (1918 - 2001)

הרצל כץ (deceased)

זאב כץ (deceased)

חיה הלן טאוב (deceased)

חיה כץ (deceased)

חיה מרים כץ (deceased)

חיים אליהו כץ (deceased)

חיים דב כץ (deceased)

חיים מאיר כץ (deceased)

חנה כץ (חסמן) (deceased)

חנה כץ (deceased)

חנה כץ (1911 - 1995)

חנה לאה שוסטקובסקי (כץ) (deceased)

טובה כץ (deceased)

טובה כץ (deceased)

טוני כץ (deceased)

יהודה כץ (deceased)

יהודה כץ (deceased)

יהודה איסר כץ (deceased)

יהודית כץ (שמרלינג( (deceased)

יוסף כץ (deceased)

יוסף כץ (deceased)

יוסף חיים כץ (deceased)

יחיאל כץ (deceased)

ינטה כץ (deceased)

ינקו כץ (deceased)

יעקב נוח כץ (deceased)

יעקב כץ (deceased)

יצחק כץ (deceased)

יצחק כץ (deceased)

יצחק לייב כץ (deceased)

ישראל כץ (deceased)

ישראל כץ (deceased)

לאה כץ (deceased)

לאה כץ (deceased)

לואיס כץ (deceased)

לואיסה כץ (deceased)

לודמילה _ (1935 - d.)

לוי כץ (deceased)

לופו נוח כץ (deceased)

לי כץ (deceased)

ליזה כץ (deceased)

מאיר כץ (deceased)

מוריס כץ (deceased)

מטל כץ (deceased)

מיכאל כץ (deceased)

מיכאל נוח כץ (deceased)

מיכאל כץ (deceased)

מיכה כץ (deceased)

מנדל כץ (deceased)

מרטה כץ (b. - 2010)

מרים כץ (1928 - 1999)

משה כץ (deceased)

משה כץ (1913 - 2003)

משה כץ (deceased)

משה מרדכי כץ (deceased)

נחמה כץ (deceased)

ניסים כץ (deceased)

נתן כץ (deceased)

עמרם כץ (deceased)

עקיבא כץ (deceased)

פאני כץ (deceased)