Rabbi Israel of Shklov MP (1770 - 1839)

Yisroel ben Shmuel Ashkenazi of Shklov (ca. 1770–May 22, 1839) was a Talmudist, one of a group of Talmudical scholars of Shklov who were attracted to Vilna by Elijah Gaon (1720–97). He ga...

Rabbi Azriel Me'Sheklov (b. - c.1772)

In 1772, Rabbi Azriel volonteered to go to Israel with his family in order to renew the Ashkenazi community there. At some time, he travelled to various countries - Turkey, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, -...

Bracha Gruber (1828 - 1880)

Moshe Bracha (deceased)

Shindel Bardakey (1811 - 1871)

Yuta Bayla Me'Sheklov (b. - 1833)

By Margalit Shilo, מרגלית שילה‎