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Don Isaac Abarbanel דון יצחק אברבנאל MP (1437 - 1508)

The Jewish philosopher and statesman Isaac ben Judah Abravanel (1437-1508), or Abarbanel, is noted for his biblical commentaries and for his attempt to prevent the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1...

Maurice Abravanel (de Abravanel), Conductor MP (1903 - 1993)

? Abravanel (deceased)

? Abravanel (deceased)

Abraham Abravanel (deceased)

Abu Ya'qub' Yitzhak Ohev (de Abravanel i Leon) (ben Me'ir ibn Muhājir) (1079 - d.)

Alberto Abravanel (1897 - 1976)

Allegra ABRAVANEL (deceased)

Alvaro Fernandez Abravanel (c.1475 - d.)

Aron Ze'ev Ben Abraham Yitzhak Abrabanel Zev Abravanel (b. - 5510)

Avraam Abravanel (deceased)

Avram Abravanel (deceased)

Beatriz Abravanel (deceased)

Benvenida Abarbanel (Abravanel) (1473 - c.1575)

Medici Document Grand Duke Cosimo I de’ Medici and Jewish Lady Benvenida Abravanel was one of the most influential and wealthiest Jewish women of early modern Italy. Her family life, howev...

Berta Abravanel Chelebonovich (1909 - 1981)

Bertha Abrabamel (ou Abravanel) (Clebonovic) (deceased)

Bulhseba Haim Abravanel (b. - 1771)

Camilla Abravanel (1919 - 2007)

Carolyn Abravanel (Firmage) (deceased)

Celine (Abravanel) Jeahchan (deceased)

Cinfam Abravanel (deceased)

Segundo alguns documentos Cinfam ou Cintiam Abravanel, seria irmã de Alvaro Fernandes Abravanel, o ultimo era irmão de Henrique Fernandes Abravanel, e ambos netos de Ya Abravanel de acord...

Clara Abravanel (deceased)

Coya Abravanel Kohen (deceased)

David Abravanel (b. - 1950)

David Abravanel (deceased)

Deborah Raquel Abravanel (deceased)

Desconhecida Abravanel (deceased)

Don Judah Abravanel (deceased)

Don Leon Abravanel (deceased)

Don Yehuda Hiyya ben Yitzhak ben Shmuel Abravanel (c.1550 - 1583)


Don Yehuda Ḥiyya Abravanel, HaRoffe of Sulaymān the Magnificent (b. - 1583)

Doudon Bendavid Abravanel (Bendavid) (deceased)

Edouard de Abravanel (deceased)

Edouardo Abravanel (deceased)

Elena Luisada (Cardoso-Abravanel) (deceased)

Enrico Abravanel (deceased)

Ephraim Haim Abravanel (deceased)

Esther Abravanel (Hamon Ibn Yahya) (deceased)

Esther Abravanel (deceased)

Estrea Modiano Abravanel (1866 - d.)

Evelyn Benaroya (Abravanel) (1899 - 1988)

Flora Abravanel (deceased)

Flora Abravanel (Abastado) (b. - 1962)

Friedel Abravanel (Schako) (deceased)

Giola Abravanel (deceased)

Haim Abravanel (deceased)

Haim Abravanel (1896 - 1984)

Haji Avram Abravanel (deceased)

Hayim Abravanel (deceased)

Hayim Victor Abravanel (deceased)

Hayyim Abravanel (deceased)

Henrique Abravanel (deceased)

Henrique Fernandez Abravanel (c.1470 - c.1530)

Ida Abravanel (deceased)

Isaac Abravanel (deceased)

Isaac Abravanel (Abarbanel), II (b. - 1573)

Isaac Abravanel (deceased)

Isaac Rafanellum Abravanel (deceased)

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Isaac Abravanel (c.1372 - d.)

Isaac Abravanel (deceased)

Yitzchak of Turkey Abravanel (deceased)

Isaac was kidnapped at one years old by the King Joao of Portugal. He was baptised and raised as a Christian, never seeing his family again.

Israel Abravanel (deceased)

Jack Abravanel (deceased)

Jacob Abrabamel (ou Abravanel) (deceased)

Jacob Abravanel (deceased)

Jacob Abravanel (deceased)

Jacob Abravanel (c.1440 - 1528)

Jacques (1946 - 1984)

Jonah Abravanel (b. - 1667)

Poet lived in Amsterdam in the 17 century. He wrote in Portuguese.

Joseph Abravanel, AKA Luis Gomez de Medeiros (deceased)

physician, lived in Amsterdam.

Joseph Abravanel (deceased)

Joseph Abravanel (deceased)

Joseph Abravanel (Abarbanel), >Italy (1471 - c.1552)

Practiced medicine first at Reggio (Calabria), then at Venice. In 1507, he invited his brother Judah Leon to join him and his father in Venice. Alternate dates to check: b. 1473 , d. 1532

Joseph/Judah/Samuel one of the 3 brothers Abravanel (deceased)

Judah Leon Abravanel (c.1460 - c.1535)

Judahy Leone Abravanel (deceased)

Judah Leone Abrabanel (Leone Ebreo, Leo Hebraeus; 1460, Lisbon– 1523, Naples) was one of the most important philosophers in the Italian Renaissance, the author of the Dialoghi d'Amore, a maste...

Judah Abravanel (deceased)

Judah Leon Medigo Abravanel (Abarbanel), >Italy (1460 - 1535)

(note;-IB birthday according to Portuguese records) Judah Leon Abravanel (or Abrabanel, otherwise known as: in Latin, Leo Hebraeus; in Portuguese, Leão Hebreu; in Spanish, León Hebreo...

Lazar Abravanel (deceased)

Lazar Eliezer Abravanel (deceased)

Lazare Abravanel (deceased)

Leah Mickelshanski (Abravanel) (deceased)

Leon Abravanel (deceased)

Leon Abravanel (deceased)

Leon Abravanel (1915 - 2009)

Letizia Abravanel (deceased)

Lily Abravanel (deceased)

LISA ABRAVANEL (c.1923 - 1943)

Lore Abravanel (Myr) (deceased)

Lucy Menasse Abravanel (Carasso) (deceased)

Manuel Thomas (Abravanel), Poet (1585 - 1665)

Marie Abravanel (deceased)

Mario Abravanel (deceased)

Mathilde Abravanel (deceased)

Matica Abravanel (deceased)

MATICA ABRAVANEL (c.1925 - c.1943)

Miriam Abravanel (Buschell) (deceased)

Mizza Rosenkranz Abravanel (Rosengrad) (deceased)

Moise Abravanel (deceased)

moris abravanel (deceased)