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Adam Fychan ap Adam MP (1246 - d.)

Amelia Frederica Eleanor Jane Boileau (Adam) MP (1812 - 1833)

Andrew Adam MP (1494 - 1557)

Anne Adam MP (c.1651 - 1709)

Corneille Adam MP

Crisli verch Adam Fychan MP (1240 - 1352)

Dyddgu verch Adam Fychan MP (1274 - d.)

Lady Elizabeth DeGournai Beverstone MP (1265 - 1311)

She was of Beviston and Tidenham county, Gloucestershire, England. Married Sir John ap Adam, who was created 1st (and last) Baron (Lord) ap Adam by writ on 6 February 1298/99. On 18 February 1290/91 Jo...

Elizabeth Adam MP (c.1524 - 1606)

George Adams MP (c.1602 - d.)

Grace Belknap (Adam) MP (1561 - 1630)

Gwent John ap Adam MP (1190 - 1246)

Jean-Baptiste Adam MP (1636 - 1711)

Jean-Baptiste Adam MP (1678 - 1730)

Jenkin ap Adam MP (1302 - 1344)

JENKIN ap THOMAS, who was born about 1310, was known as "Jenkin, the apple tree." He was the oldest son of Thomas ap Adam. Jenkin was a clerk to the Lord of Abergavenny, and lived at Llanvapley. His on...

Jerome Adam MP (c.1535 - 1583)

John Ap Adam, Sr., Kt. MP (c.1332 - 1375)

ID: I456806 Name: John Adams , Sr.,* Sex: M ALIA: John AP /Adams/, Sr. Note: Ref: Andrew N. Adams, A Genealogical History of Henry Adams of Braintree, Massachusetts and His Descendants; Also ...

Sir John II William ap Adam MP (1270 - 1311)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia John Ap-Adam III, 1st Baron Ap-Adam (died May 1311) was created baron by writ in 1299. The first baron served in the Scottish wars. On July 22,1298, he served ...

Maria Eva Adam (Sulzmann) MP (1746 - 1814)

Mary Blount (Adam) MP (deceased)

Millicent Ap Adam (Bessylls), Lady MP (1334 - 1388)

ID: I456807 Name: Milicent Bisylls ,* Sex: F Marriage 1 John Adams , Sr.,* Children John Adams , Jr.,* b: ABT 1400 in Gloucestershire, England, UK

Reginald ap ap Adam, Ap MP (c.1242 - 1268)

From: 1245 Reginald ap Adam, Nicholas ap Adam, Ralph de Knovill, Maud Luvel of Trileck and others, witness charter giving lands to Tintern Abbey.

Robert Adam MP (1728 - 1792)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary " Robert Adam FRSE FRS FSA(Scot) FSA FRSA (3 July 1728 – 3 March 1792) was a Scottish neoclassical architect, interior designer and furniture designer. He was th...

William Adam of Blair Adam MP (1751 - 1839)

William Adam of Blair Adam FRSE KC (2 August 1751 – 17 February 1839) was a Scottish advocate, barrister, politician and judge. He served as Solicitor General for Scotland (1802–1805) and...

William Adam MP (1689 - 1748)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary "William Adam (1689 – 24 June 1748) was a Scottish architect, mason, and entrepreneur. He was the foremost architect of his time in Scotland, designing and build...

Adam (deceased)

Adam of Gordon, Sir. (deceased)

Sharpe of Adam? (deceased)

Adam (deceased)

Adam (1770 - d.)

Adam (1744 - d.)

Antal-Toni Sterrn Adam (1900 - d.)

"Bles" Adam (deceased)

Was fondly known as "Bles" short for Bleskop due to his lack of hair.

Menashe Adam (1912 - 1982)

(to be named) Adam ((to be named)) (deceased)

(unk) adam (deceased)

- Adam (deceased)

- unbekannt - Adam (deceased)

7 siblings Adam (deceased)

8 siblings Adam (deceased)

9 siblings Adam (deceased)

? Adam (1888 - d.)

? D'Adam (deceased)

? ADAM (deceased)

? Adam (deceased)

? Adam (deceased)

? Ádám (deceased)

? Adam (deceased)

? Ádám (deceased)

? Ádám (deceased)

? adam (deceased)

? Adam? Adams? (Gift? Giff? Gaff?) (deceased)

?? Adam (deceased)

?? Adam (deceased)

??? Adam (deceased)

??? Adam (deceased)

Very Intelligent sigh coz anne is going hufffffff =]

??? Adam (deceased)

??? Adam (deceased)

??? Adam (deceased)

?An-Katharinn? Messerschmidt (?Adam?) (deceased)

[Adama Jüri] Liisu Adam (c.1715 - d.)

poeg Tõnu sünd 1743 --------------------leeris 1732 (siin Kubja Jüri tütar): pulmad 1735 (siin Adama Jüri tütar): II abielu:

[Klima] Adam [Klima] Adam (Vastseliina mp-st) (deceased)

_?_ Adam (deceased)

a Fluth (Adam) (deceased)

A Mc ADAM (deceased)

A Marie Adam (1819 - 1901)

A. Dorottya Adam (Karl) (deceased)

A.A.Nooruddin Adam (deceased)

Aadam Must Leida Must (Adam Mus) (deceased)

Aadu / Ado Adamson (Adam) (1841 - 1900)

Aasia Abdulla Adam (deceased)

Aasia Abdulla Adam (deceased)

Aasia Abdullah Adam (deceased)

abah awang adam (deceased)

abas adam (deceased)

ABAS BIN ADAM (deceased)

ABD KARIM ADAM (deceased)

Abd Latiff Adam (deceased)

abd razak adam (deceased)

Abdul Qader Adam (deceased)

Abdul Lateef Adam (c.1910 - d.)

Abdul Adam (deceased)

abdul hai adam (deceased)

Abdul Hai Adam (deceased)

Abdul Hai Adam Adam (deceased)

Abdul Halim Adam (deceased)


Abdul Kadir Mat Adam (deceased)

Abdul Latif Adam (deceased)

Abdul Majiet Adam (deceased)

Abdul Manas Kulub Adam (deceased)

Abdul Manas Kulop Adam (deceased)

Abdul Rahman Adam (deceased)

Abdul Rahman Adam (deceased)

Abdul Razak Haji Adam (deceased)


Abdullah Adam (deceased)

Abdullah Adam (deceased)

Abdullah Adam (deceased)

Abdullah Adam (deceased)