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Beaulah Pinder (Adderley) MP (1921 - d.)

Charles Bowyer Adderley MP (1814 - 1905)

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Charles Bowyer ADDERLEY (1814 - 1905) Politician. Later created Baron Norton, A...

Inez Adderley (NN) MP (deceased)

Lawrence Adderley MP (deceased)

<Private> Brandon (Adderley) (deceased)

alfred adderley (c.1901 - c.1962)

Alice Adderley (Corcoran) (1915 - d.)

Anais Hutchinson Adderley (deceased)

Ann Adderley (deceased)

Ann ADDERLEY (c.1718 - d.)

Anna Maria Letitia Adderley (1812 - 1841)

Anne Adderley (North) (deceased)

Anne Wrightman (Adderley) (1578 - d.)

Annie Adderley (deceased)

beatrice adderley (williamson) (c.1898 - c.1972)

Beatrice (Tunbridge) Adderley (deceased)

Brezella Adderley (deceased)

Caroline Ellen Adderley (Dixie) (1848 - 1922)

Caroline Adderley (Maycock) (deceased)

Carrie (Ray) Adderley (deceased)

Catherine Adderley (Thomas) (c.1913 - c.2006)

Catherine Bagot (Adderley) (1594 - 1622)


Charles Arthur Reginald Kenelm Adderley (1881 - d.)

Charles Leigh Adderley, 2nd Baron Norton (1846 - 1926)

charles adderley (deceased)

Charles Clement Adderley (b. - 1818)

Charles Bower Adderley, 1st Baron Norton (1814 - 1905)

Wikipedia contributors. " Charles Adderley, 1st Baron Norton ." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

Charles Adderley (deceased)

Chinesta Adderley (deceased)

Cyril Adderley (deceased)

David Adderley (1949 - d.)

David Adderley (1897 - d.)

Dorothy McKinney (Adderley) (deceased)

Dorothy (Dolly) Davison (Previous married nameBroughton Adderley) (deceased)

Douglas Adderley (1919 - d.)

Earl Adderley (deceased)

Edith Rosamund Knight (Broughton-Adderley) (deceased)

Edna May Adderley (deceased)

Edward G. Adderley (1881 - d.)

Edward Adderley (1857 - 1921)

Elisabeth Mary Adderley (deceased)

Elisabeth Joan Campbell (Adderley) (1919 - 2014)

Elizabeth Adderley (1948 - d.)

Elizabeth Adderley (1760 - d.)

Elizabeth Adderley (Wright) (deceased)

Elizabeth F. Ross (Adderley) (deceased)

Ellen Lee Dillon (Adderley) (1809 - 1896)

Elsie Rau von Holzhausen Adderley (deceased)

Elsie Elizabeth HORTON (1916 - 1983)

Elsie Maurice Johnson,Hopper,Westmor... (deceased)

Esther Adderley (1813 - 1898)

Euinice Adderley (deceased)

Eula Mae Adderley (deceased)

EVA adderley (RIGBY) (deceased)

Fanny Machin (Adderley?) (deceased)

Florence Margaret Broughton-Adderley (Handcock) (deceased)

Frances Mistress Adderly (Adderley) (1664 - d.)

Fred Adderley (deceased)

Frederick C Adderley (deceased)

Frederick ADDERLEY (1848 - 1909)


George Major Adderley (deceased)

Gladdys Adderley (deceased)

Gladys Isabel Annette Thynne (Adderley) (deceased)

Harold Adderley (deceased)


Harry Adderley (1899 - d.)

Heather Bianca Adderley (Cancino) (1963 - 2001)

Henry Artden Adderley, 5th Baron Norton (1854 - 1945)

Henry Joseph Adderley (deceased)

Henry Adderley (deceased)

Hilda Silva (Adderley) (deceased)

Hilda Adderley (deceased)

Hubert John Broughton-Adderley (deceased)

Hubert Bowyer Arden Adderley, 6th Baron Norton (1886 - 1961)

Educated at Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire, England Educated at Royal Military College, Sandhurst, Berkshire, England Fought in the First World War Gained the rank of Lieutenant in the service ...

Humphrey Adderley, of Weddington Hall (1583 - 1637)

Adderley, Humphrey (1583-1637) of Weddington Hall. Only surviving son of Humphrey Adderley (1511/12-98) and his second wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Capel; born 1583. Educated at St. Alban's Hal...

Humphrey Adderley, of Weddington Hall (c.1511 - 1598)

Adderley, Humphrey (1511/2-98) of Weddington Hall. Fourth son of Thomas Adderley (d. 1538) and his wife Joan, daughter of John Thirkill of Smallwood (Cheshire); born in 1511 or 1512. A Groom and later ...

Humphrey James Arden Adderley (1882 - 1917)

Rank: Rifleman Service No: 302978 Date of Death: 17/06/1917 Regiment/Service: London Regiment (London Rifle Brigade) 5th Bn. Grave Reference: Cemetery: PEOPLETON (ST. NICHOLAS) CHURCHYARD A...

iccac adderley (deceased)

Irene Melisa Clark (Adderley) (1921 - 2010)

Irene Velma Zona Gwendolen Adderley (Wainwright) (c.1929 - d.)

Irene Adderley (deceased)

isaac adderley (deceased)

isaac adderley (deceased)

Isabel Adderley (deceased)

Ivan Adderley (deceased)

james adderley (deceased)

JAMES adderley (deceased)

Jane Adderley (deceased)

Jane Adderley (deceased)

Jane Adderley (Dixie) (deceased)

Jane Adderley (Ward) (deceased)

Jane Theresa Beilby (Adderley) (b. - 1933)

Jennie Adderley (Davis) (deceased)

Joan Simpkin (Adderley) (1922 - d.)

Joan Adderley (Thirkill) (deceased)

John Edward Adderley (c.1898 - d.)

John Henry Adderley (1919 - 1982)

John Arden Adderley, 7th Baron Norton, OBE (1915 - 1993)