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Francisco Guerrero Agcaoili MP (c.1884 - c.1979)

Francisco Guerrero Agcaoili was a Cornell-trained chemical engineer. He was the King Escort to his sister, Julia, at the 1909 Manila Carnival Queen.

Julia Guerrero Agcaoili MP (b. - 1945)

Julia Guerrero Agcaoili-Martinez was the 1909 Manila Carnival Queen. Convent-bred, she excelled in playing the piano and harp and in singing. More here: .

Angela Agcaoili-Segundo (deceased)

Antonio Guerrero Agcaoili (deceased)

Arcadio Agcaoili (deceased)

Calixta Albano Agcaoili (deceased)

Coleta Agcaoili (deceased)

Dolores Agcaoili (deceased)

Esperanza Duldulao (Agcaoili) (deceased)

Eulalia Salvador (Agcaoili) (deceased)

Jose Albano Agcaoili (deceased)

Jovita Agcaoili (deceased)

Julio Ventura Agcaoili (1856 - 1938)

Julio Ventura Agcaoili was a justice and served as the Provincial Governor of Ilocos Norte. More here: .

Pascacio Agcaoili (deceased)

Pascual Guerrero Agcaoili (1880 - 1958)

Pascual Guerrero Agcaoili was a public servant (municipal treasurer) by trade. He belonged to the so-called "first generation" of Ilocano playwrights. He wrote comedias and zarzuelas -- among them "Dag...

Pilar Guerrero Agcaoili (deceased)

Pilar Albano (Agcaoili) (deceased)

Purificacion Albano Agcaoili (deceased)

Romarico Guerrero Agcaoili (c.1882 - d.)

Romarico Guerrero Agcaoili graduated from Cornell with a degree in civil engineering in 1908; and worked as a contractor.

Socorro Albano Agcaoili (deceased)

Timotheo Agcaoili (deceased)

Trinidad Agcaoili-Summers (1891 - d.)

Trinidad Albano Agcaoili (deceased)

Vicente Agcaoili (deceased)