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José Gregorio Correa Albano MP (1838 - 1905)

Don José Gregorio Correa Albano, estudios en Colegio Sagrados Corazones de Santiago 1852.; Miembro del Directorio general del Partido Conservador Diputado por por Talca Curepto y Lontué, ...

Liborio Dacuycuy Albano MP (c.1886 - 1957)

Liborio D. Albano served as the Senior Board Member of the province of Ilocos Norte.

Paulino E. Albano MP (1911 - 1984)

Dr. Paulino E. Albano Sr. received his degree from the University of Santo Tomas. He and his wife Dr. Pilar Valdez-Albano owned the St. Rita Maternity Hospital in Gagalangin, Tondo, Manila, which was r...

?? Albano (deceased)

Adalberto Albano Camaquin (deceased)

Adele Albano (deceased)

Adeline Albano (deceased)

Adriano Joseppe Albano (deceased)

Adriano albano (deceased)

Agapita Albano Guerrero Sales (deceased)

Agapito Wasan Albano (deceased)

Agnes Mauca Bruno (Albano) (1883 - 1955)

Agnes was born in Monreale, Sicily, Italy. In the early 1900s, Agnes emigrated to the United States from Italy with her first husband, Vincent Manca. One of their close friends was Peter Bruno. Vince...

Agostino Albano (b. - 2009)

Agostino Albano (1868 - d.)

agustin de vergara albano (deceased)

agustin de vergara albano (deceased)

Albano Antonio de souza (albano antonio de souza) (deceased)

Albertina Berner (Albano) (1891 - 1953)

Alberto Albano (b. - 1921)

Albino Benigno Albano (deceased)

Alejandra Albano Racimo (deceased)

Alejo Albano (deceased)

Aleksandar Albano (deceased)

Alfredo Albano (deceased)

Alfredo Cordero Albano (deceased)

Alfredo Albano Racimo (deceased)

Alfredo Albano (deceased)

Algot Vidar Albano (1915 - 1982)

Alice Albano (deceased)

Alice Albano (1925 - 2000)

Alice M. Albano (deceased)

Amado Albano (1908 - 1983)

Amelia Buoniconti (Albano) (1916 - 1995)

Amor 'Boy' Leaño Albano (deceased)

Amor Albano (deceased)

Amparo Albano Racimo (deceased)

Anders Albano (1856 - 1944)

Anders Fredrik Albano (1925 - 1988)

Andrea Albano (1856 - 1857)

Andrea Albano (1779 - 1855)

Andrea Albano (deceased)

Andrea Albano Albano (deceased)

Andrea Albano (deceased)

Andres Pacis Albano (deceased)

Andrew Albano (deceased)

Andrés Gazmuri Albano (deceased)

Angel Roman Albano (deceased)

Angel Albano (deceased)

Angela Albano (deceased)

Angela Albano (Sinardo) (1781 - 1856)

Angela Velasco (Albano) (deceased)

angela albano (deceased)

Angela Maria Palese (Albano) (1850 - 1919)

Angelica Albano (b. - 1968)

Angelina Picone Albano (1880 - 1931)

Angelo Albano (1824 - d.)

Angelo Albano (deceased)

Angelo Albano (c.1903 - d.)

Angelo Albano (1882 - 1976)

Aniceto Vergara Albano (1833 - d.)

Anita Albano (deceased)

Ann Louise Albano (Wittenberg) (1936 - 1999)

Anna Mihans (Albano) (deceased)

Anna C Mihans (Albano) (1912 - 1982)

As per my grandmother's handwritten notes to her daughter, Joan (March 1995), "When we were young, we didn't know what toys were as our parents could not afford it, so we amused ourselves by taking woo...

Anna Maria Margarita Albano (deceased)

Anna Albano (deceased)

Anna Albano (deceased)

ANNA ALBANO (1822 - d.)

Anna Albano (1912 - 1975)

Anna Albano (Celentano) (deceased)

Anna Maria Albano (deceased)

Anna Forte (Albano) (deceased)

Anna Antonia Albano (deceased)

Anna Karolina Johansson (Albano) (1878 - 1964)

Anna Lucia Larsson (Albano) (1882 - 1964)

Anna Margareta Albano (Nilsson) (1917 - 2008)

Anna Maria Stafrén (Albano) (1889 - 1982)

Anna Maria Albano (1854 - d.)

Anne Di Crasto (Albano) (1847 - 1901)

Annina Albano (Pennachio) (1880 - d.)

Anthony Albano (deceased)

Anthony Albano (c.1907 - d.)

Anthony Albano (1894 - d.)

Anthony Albano (deceased)

Anthony Albano (deceased)

Anthony Nicholas Albano (1940 - 1999)

My brother Anthony was dedicated to me throughout his life. We went through boarding school together and were in the navy together aboard the same ship, USS HERMITAGE LSD34. He was always there when ...

Antionette Albano (1911 - 1917)

Antoinette Albano (deceased)

Antoinette Mackay (Albano) (1903 - 1987)

ANTONELLO Savelli Signori di Albano (deceased)

Antonette Mackey (Albano) (deceased)

Antonia Sola (Albano) (deceased)

Antonia Albano (1850 - d.)

Antonia Albano (deceased)

Antonia "Lena" Albano (La Valle) (1884 - 1941)

Antonietta Albano (deceased)

antonietta raco (albano) (deceased)

Antonina Albano (deceased)

Antonino Albano (1743 - 1832)

Antonio Pacis Albano (deceased)