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Anne Elizabeth Ranger (Albury) MP (c.1810 - 1860)

Dollie Mae Possible Matches Unnamed Female Albury b. 1/5/1825 Harbour Island to John and Elizabeth Saunders Albury Elizabeth Albury b. 8/20/1816 Harbour Island to Joseph and Sarah Curry Albury ...

Benjamin Otis Albury MP (deceased)

Benjamin Albury MP (deceased)

Bethia Albury (Russell) MP (deceased)

Caroline Curry (Albury) MP (deceased)

Caroline Albury (Pinder) MP (deceased)

Dorcas Pinder (Albury) MP (1830 - 1906)

Elizabeth Ann Sweeting (Albury) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Albury (Weatherford) MP (deceased)

Ella Pinder (Albury) MP (1873 - d.)

Emely Ann Pinder (Albury) MP (1897 - d.)

Emiline "Liney" "Kit" Amanda Malone / Albury (Pinder) MP (1869 - d.)

Eunice Pinder (Albury) MP (1867 - d.)

Henry Albury MP (1802 - d.)

James Albury MP (deceased)

John Livingston Albury MP (1886 - d.)

John Wilson Albury MP (b. - c.1862)

John Albury MP (deceased)

Joseph Albury MP (c.1760 - d.)

Joseph Albury MP (deceased)

Joseph Albury MP (deceased)

Joseph "Stumpy Joe" Albury MP (deceased)

Lavinia Ann Pinder (Albury) MP (1853 - 1917)

Margaret Albury (Pinder) MP (deceased)

Marion Yulee Pinder (Albury) MP (1881 - 1960)

Matilda Ida Pinder (Albury) MP (1869 - d.)

Richard Albury MP (1801 - d.)

Romalda Albury (Pinder) MP (1840 - 1927)

Ruth Ranger (Albury) MP (1784 - d.)

Ruth Albury (Roberts) MP (1764 - d.)

Sarah C. Johnson (Albury) MP (deceased)

Sarah Pinder (Albury) MP (1780 - 1817)

Sarah Bethel (Albury) MP (deceased)

Sarah "Sally" Curry Johnson (Albury) MP (deceased)

Susannah Pinder (Albury) MP (1813 - d.)

William Albury MP (1798 - d.)

(Richard) Meredith Albury (deceased)

? Albury (deceased)

? Albury (deceased)

?? Albury (Herwig) (deceased)

[--?--] Albury (deceased)

Abel Albury (1827 - 1892)

Absolom Albury (deceased)

Ada Ann Sweeting (Albury) (1883 - 1951)

ID: I06841 Name: Ada Ann ALBURY Sex: F Birth: 11 MAR 1883 in Man-O-War Cay, Abaco, Bahamas Death: 7 FEB 1951 Christening: 21 MAY 1883 Man-O-War Cay, Abaco, Bahamas Reference Number: 6841 Note: Euro. So...

Ada Eliza Albury (Lowe) (1861 - d.)

Adelaide Pinder (Albury) (1879 - d.)

Adelaide Pinder (Albury) (deceased)

Adelene Albury (deceased)

Adeline Albury (deceased)

Adeline Albury (Russell) (1854 - d.)

Adeline Albury (Russell) (deceased)

Adonia (donya) Albury (Thompson) (deceased)

Alan Bain Albury (1902 - d.)

Albert B Albury (1884 - d.)

Alexander Albury (1842 - d.)

Alexander Albury (deceased)

Alice Gaye Albury (Higgs) (1950 - 1999)

Alice Albury (Sawyer) (deceased)

allan albury (deceased)

Alonzo Albury (deceased)

Alveria Albury (Farrington) (deceased)

Amanda Albury (Bethel) (deceased)

Ambrose Albury (1885 - d.)

Amelia Higgs (Albury) (deceased)

Amelia Albury (Roberts) (deceased)

Amos Albury (1834 - 1899)

Ancinettie Albury (Bethel) (deceased)

Andrew Albury (deceased)

Ann Albury (deceased)

Ann Albury (Relph) (1794 - 1860)

On monday 7th May 1838 John Albury and his pregnant wife Ann boarded the Woodbridge and under govenment immigrant scheme they sailed from Portsmouth and Crowe for a new life with there children, Charlo...

Ann Margaret Albury (Miller) (1760 - 1797)

Ann Albury (1859 - 1940)

Ann Sarah Albury (Thompson) (deceased)

Anna Albury (Johnson) (1846 - d.)

Anne Malone (Albury) (deceased)

Anne Weatherford (Albury) (deceased)

Annie Adams (Albury) (deceased)

Annie Elizabeth Weatherford (Albury) (1862 - d.)

Annie Mae Albury (Roberts) (1927 - 2001)

Annie Adams (Albury) (1853 - d.)

Annie Eliza Albury (Malone) (1865 - d.)

Annis Sands (Sweeting-Albury) (deceased)

Ansinnetta Pinder (Albury) (1874 - 1954)

Anzetta Malone (Albury) (deceased)

Arthur John Albury (1876 - 1952)

Audrey Albury (Thomas) (deceased)

Augustus Albury (deceased)

Azetus Albury (deceased)

Barry Albury (deceased)

Grace Albury (1885 - 1966)

Death - Vic BDM 1966/1743

Benjamin Albury (deceased)

Benjamin Albury (c.1800 - d.)

Benjamin Richard Albury (c.1812 - d.)

Benjamin "Pappy Ben" J. Albury, Sr. (1806 - 1862)

Source: Haziel Albury's "Man-O-War, My Island Home": " A sailing vessel from Harbour Island was wrected on the reef. The crew made it ashore to Man-0-War. The mate of the vessel was a sixteen year old ...

Benjamin "pappy Ben" Albury (deceased)

Benjamin Maurice Albury (1908 - 1977)

Bert Albury (deceased)

Bertha Albury (deceased)

Bessie Maud Albury (Rose) (c.1883 - 1960)

Bethia Roberts (Albury) (deceased)