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Abigail Abba Alcott (May) MP (1800 - 1877)

Abigail May Alcott (October 8, 1800-November 25, 1877), abolitionist, women's rights activist, and pioneer social worker, supported her husband and the Fruitlands community through her labor and resour...

Abigail "Abby" May Nieriker (Alcott) MP (1840 - 1879)

Amos Bronson Alcott MP (1799 - 1888)

Amos Bronson Alcott (November 29, 1799 – March 4, 1888) was an American teacher, writer and philosopher who left a legacy of forward-thinking social ideas. His status as a well-publicized figu...

Anna "Meg" Bronson Pratt (Alcott) MP (1831 - 1893)

"Meg" of "Little Women"

Chimene "Chemmy" Mary Alcott MP

Chemmy Alcott has competed in three consecutive Olympic Games, in Salt Lake City, Turin and then Vancouver - at both Turin and Vancouver she finished an impressive 11th place in Downhill and Super Co...

Elizabeth Sewell Alcott MP (1835 - 1858)

Beth March of "Little Women"

Louisa May Alcott MP (1832 - 1888)

Louisa May Alcott is known worldwide as the author of Little Women, but less known is the fact that she served as a volunteer nurse during the civil war, seeing action in the battle of Fredericksburg. ...

?? Alcott (deceased)

Abigail Stover (Alcott) (c.1674 - 1730)

Abigail Thomas (Alcott) (1703 - 1793)

Abigail Alcott (Humiston) (deceased)

Adah Alcott (deceased)

Agnes Alcott (1683 - d.)

Albert Joseph Alcott (1828 - d.)

Albert Alcott (deceased)

Alice Clasgens (Alcott) (c.1878 - d.)

Alora Alcott (deceased)

Amos Alcott (deceased)

Amos Alcott (deceased)

Amos Bronson Alcott (deceased)

Amos Bronson Alcott (1799 - 1888)

Ann Rosell (Alcott) (1717 - d.)

Ann Alcott (Temple) (deceased)

Ann Alcott (deceased)

Anna Alcott (1753 - d.)

Anna Mary Alcott (deceased)

Anna Alcott (1717 - 1751)

Anna Alcott (b. - 1822)

anna curtis (alcott) (deceased)

Anna Alcott (Bronson) (1773 - 1863)

Anne Alcott (c.1834 - d.)

Annie Park (Alcott) (deceased)

Anthony Alcott (deceased)

Antoinette Alcott (1840 - 1919)

Asa Alcott or Allcott (Alcott) (1760 - 1846)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for CONNECTICUT with the rank of PRIVATE. DAR Ancestor # A000999

Aspera Alcott (1885 - 1930)

Aspera Alcott: Slytherin, Half-blood, Hazel and Unicorn Hair, 12.25 inches. Child of Adelia Haseltine and her first husband, a Muggle-born. Although friends and relatives of Aspera were almost entire...

Auriol Dawn Hartland (Alcott) (1931 - 2012)

Bacchus Alcott (deceased)

Baldur Arthur Alcott (1882 - 1963)

Baldur Alcott: Pure-Blood, Gryffindor, Almond and Faerie Wing, 9.75 inches. Baldur Alcott was a big name in the office of International Magical Cooperation. He was the Ambassador to Zimbabwe and was ...

Benjamin Bigelow Alcott (1820 - 1860)

Benjamin Alcott (deceased)

Betsy Stilwell Alcott (1801 - 1881)

Betty Alcott (deceased)

Blanche Alcott (deceased)

Caroline Evans (Perry or Alcott) (c.1820 - c.1854)

Carrie D Alcott (deceased)

Cascadia Alcott (deceased)

Charles Alcott (deceased)

Charles Hugh Alcott (deceased)

Clemmons Alcott (deceased)

Daniel Alcott (1738 - 1805)

David Alcott (deceased)

David Alcott (1758 - d.)

David Alcott (c.1749 - 1751)

David Alcott (b. - 1821)

David Boris Alcott (Yalkut) (c.1881 - c.1966)

Deborah Alcott (Blakeslee) (1713 - 1789)

Deborah Blakeslee was born on March 15, 1718 in New Haven, Connecticut. She was the daughter of John and Lydia Blakeslee. She married John Alcott, the son of John Alcott and Susannah Heaton, on January...

Deborah Alcott (1742 - 1831)

Deborah Bigelow Allcott (Alcott) (1818 - 1900)

Delia Ann Alcott (1842 - 1902)

Dorothy Alcott (1919 - d.)

Ebony Alcott (deceased)

Edward Alcott II (1889 - 1960)

Edward Henry Alcott, I (1861 - 1904)

Electa C. Gifford (Alcott) (deceased)

Eliza Alcott (Hobbs) (1835 - 1891)

Elizabeth Humiston (Alcott) (1712 - d.)

Elizabeth Alcott (deceased)

Elizabeth Humiston (Alcott) (1708 - 1782)

Elizabeth Alcott (1679 - d.)

Elizabeth Alcott (Dutton) (1737 - 1817)

Elizabeth Alcott (Mitchell) (1651 - 1672)

Elizabeth Alcott Mick (deceased)

Elizabeth Rosell (Alcott) (deceased)

Elizabeth Frankenfield (Alcott) (1871 - 1942)

Elizabeth J. Alcott (deceased)

Elizbeth Alisa Alcott (1880 - 1901)

Elizabeth Alcott: Slytherin, Pure-blood, Walnut and Dragon Scale, 13.5 inches. Elizabeth was, as many of her family members, a big fan of the Dark Arts, and a member of the D.A.A. In school she was h...

Ellie Alcott (deceased)

Elsie Brockenberg Alcott (deceased)

Elwood H Alcott (deceased)

Emma Alcott (deceased)

Erich Alcott (deceased)

Esther M Alcott (Wickersham) (1915 - d.)

Eugene Yale Alcott (Epstein) (b. - c.1981)

Flora Alcott (deceased)

Flora Alcott (deceased)

Florance Alcott (1895 - d.)

George Garrett Alcott (1807 - 1869)

George P Alcott (deceased)

George Hilliard Alcott (deceased)

Georgiean Alcott (Woods) (deceased)

Grace Alcott (deceased)

Hannah Alcott (1772 - 1835)

Hannah Alcott (1751 - 1821)

Harriet Rebecca Sipes (Alcott) (deceased)

Harriet (Hattie) Alcott (Grossberger) (c.1881 - c.1946)

Harriett Alcott (c.1822 - d.)

Harry Denver Alcott (b. - c.1928)

Helen Alcott (1917 - d.)

Helen Bernard (c.1843 - d.)

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