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William Aldridge's mother MP (deceased)

comments Seen as Temperance Bray who died in 1619 after having married Sr Thomas Crewe, Speaker of the House of Commons, died 1633, before 1598. It seems unlikely there was a simultaneous child b in ...

Alice (Alise) Aldridge MP (1633 - 1712)

Alice Aldridge or Arledge (Fallin) MP (c.1679 - 1727)

John Aldridge WikiTree FREE Birth: May 16 1706 - Wicomico, Northumberland, Virginia, United States Death: Sep 15 1792 - Randolph, North Carolina, United States Parents: William Aldridge, Alice Fa...

Anne Aldridge (NN) MP (c.1640 - c.1679)

Clement (Aldridge) Arledge (Aldridge) MP (1708 - 1790)

Notes from research files of Pam Wilson : Clement was named in his father's 1724 will, but was not a legatee of the land in Wiccocomoco Parish that was given to brothers William and John. Graham Loue...

Clement Aldridge, III MP (1672 - 1706)

From Pam Wilson (Arledge Family History Project): 21 Sept 1699: Motion of CLEM'T ARLEGE, probate to him of the last will of ELIZ. ARLEGE his wife, proved by Edw'd Barnes and Hugh Staten. [Northumberl...

Clement Aldridge II MP (1636 - 1699)

From the Arledge Family History Project (Pam Wilson: ): Clement and Elizabeth were immigrants to Virginia. His parents, Clement and Susan, may have preceded them. Sekanick sp...

Clement Aldridge I MP (c.1600 - 1668)

From Pam Wilson, Curator, in January 2014: I have thoroughly searched the Worstead Parish Register with a fine-toothed comb to try to find a birth/baptism record for Clement from 1595-1610, but there...

Elizabeth Tills or Tilles MP (1646 - 1699)

Could her name have been Toll? There are wills for Worstead residents Robert Toll in 1556, John Toll in 1557, Margaret Toll in 1559; 1632: Toll, James, cordwainer, of Worstead

Elizabeth Aldridge MP (1627 - 1698)

Elizabeth Aldridge (Mitchell) MP (b. - 1704)

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Emma Aldrich/ Aldridge MP (1585 - 1679)

George Aldridge MP (1639 - 1679)

20 Feb 1650: According to sufficient proofe made to this Court there is due to Richard Span one hundred acres of land due to him for the transportation of these persons into this Collony. Viz. Himselfe...

Grace (Gracia) Aldridge (Aldrich) MP (1590 - 1603)

Henry Aldridge MP (deceased)

Isaac Arledge (Aldridge) MP (1721 - c.1790)

From the research notes of Pam Wilson : ISAAC ARLEDGE (b. 1721 d. 1790), son of William ALDRIDGE/ARLEDGE and second wife Sarah of Northumberland Co, VA; married (1) ??? and (2) Anna/Hannah 1721. Bo...

James Henry Aldridge or Eldridge MP (1836 - 1917)

**DNA test positive match with ARLEDGE*** but have not yet found the link. ===================== 1850 census Greenville District SC Martha Alrige 30 all born SC Mary 18 James 14 William...

Jane Arledge or Aldridge MP (1710 - 1724)

John Aldridge MP (1628 - 1720)

John * Eldridge (Aldridge), II MP (c.1688 - 1750)

Was he descended from George and Anne Aldridge of Talbot County, Maryland (son of Thomas Aldridge and Elizabeth Mitchell), or of Nicholas and Martha Besson Aldridge of Anne Arundel County, Maryland (so...

John Aldridge (Aldrich) MP (1677 - d.)

7424.6.3. John Aldrich was born 5 Jul 1677 in Bridgewater (Plymouth) Massachusetts. He married 2 Jan 1722 in Bridgewater, Elizabeth Cooper. John and Elizabeth had one chil...

John (Bath Co NC) Aldridge MP (1671 - 1706)

NOTE: This John Aldridge is sometimes put in trees as the son of Clement Aldridge of Northumberland Co, VA. However, evidence does not support this lineage. Please see below. A John Aldridge left a w...

John (Johannis) Aldridge (or Aldrich) MP (1588 - d.)

John (Northumberland VA NOT Bath Co NC or New Kent Co VA) Aldridge MP (1682 - 1730)

Notes from Pam Wilson, Arledge Family History Project ( ): Many researchers have confused and merged the identities of at least THREE distinct John Aldridges. This one is cle...

John Aldridge MP (c.1661 - c.1703)

From Jeanie Knight , from the book "Colonial Families of the Eastern Shore of Maryland," Volume 3 (Talbot County), Robert W. Barnes & F. Edward Wright: John Aldridge, son of George (2), d. by Feb 170...

Levina R. Trippe (Aldridge) MP (1872 - 1956)

From the Lawton Constitution of June 5, 1956: Funeral Rites: Mrs. Levina Trippe Apache (Staff) - Services for Mrs. Levina Trippe, 84, who died at her Strecker home Monday, were to be held at 5:30...

Mary or Maria Aldridge MP (1631 - 1640)

Nicholas Aldridge, IV MP (1653 - 1708)

Nicholas Aldridge Born December 28, 1653 in Wiltshire or Hampshire, England Son of Nicholas Aldridge and Margaret Allred Brother of Jane Aldridge, Mary Aldridge, Ann Aldridge, Daniel Aldridge...

Ralph (Radelph) Aldridge (Aldrich) MP (1589 - d.)

Sarah Arledge (Aldridge) MP (c.1723 - d.)

Sarah Aldridge or Arledge (N.N.) MP (1679 - 1727)

From the research notes of Pam Wilson : Some sources (such as the LDS Ancestral File) have given Sarah the surname of ALIRE. However, the source for this is unclear and after more than a decade I've ...

Thomas Aldridge MP (1639 - 1679)

Unknown Aldridge MP (deceased)

Unknown Mrs. Aldridge MP (deceased)

William Arledge or Aldridge (Aldridge) MP (1702 - 1784)

From the research notes of Pam Wilson : This William, born in Northumberland County, appears to have gone to NC (Orange/Granville/Bertie/Randolph Counties) with his brother Clement, perhaps as early ...

William Aldridge MP (1635 - 1662)

Pam Wilson note: couldn't find his birth record in the Worstead Parish Register.

William (Willmus) Aldridge MP (c.1597 - d.)

Aldridge (deceased)

Aldridge (deceased)

Aldridge (deceased)

(Emma) Louisa Sergeant (Aldridge) (1896 - 1993)

+ Tyndale-Biscoe (Aldridge) (deceased)

? Aldridge (deceased)

? aldridge (deceased)

? Aldridge (deceased)

? Aldridge (deceased)

? Aldridge (deceased)

? Aldridge? (b. - 1855)

? Aldridge (deceased)

? Aldridge (deceased)

??? [Coosa AL] Arledge?Aldridge (1820 - d.)

??? Mother Aldridge (b. - c.1935)

a Aldridge (deceased)

a Aldridge (deceased)

A Aldridge (deceased)

A. W. Aldridge (c.1853 - d.)

a.b. aldridge, Sr. (deceased)

Aaron Aldridge (c.1775 - 1823)

Aaron Aldridge/Aldredge (deceased)

Aaron Aldridge (1840 - 1853)

Aaron Aldridge (1790 - 1878)

Aaron Aldridge (deceased)

Abel Aldridge (1674 - d.)

Abel Aldridge (b. - 1782)

Abelle Aldridge (Shearer) (deceased)

Aberdeen July Ann Aldridge/Aldredge (1855 - d.)

Abigail Holmes Aldridge (Fobes) (1777 - d.)

abigail aldridge (deceased)

Abigail Aldridge (deceased)

Abner Aldridge/Aldredge (c.1768 - c.1840)

Abner Jefferson Bell Aldridge/Aldredge (deceased)

Abner Bell Aldridge (deceased)

Abner Bell Aldridge (deceased)

Abner Jefferson Bell Aldridge (deceased)

Abraham Aldridge (1866 - d.)

Abraham aldridge (deceased)

abrham aldridge (deceased)

Ada Aldridge (deceased)

Ada Pizzolorusso (Aldridge) (1890 - 1981)

Ada Aldridge (c.1889 - d.)

Ada B Aldridge (c.1890 - c.1967)

Ada Merle ALDRIDGE (1917 - 1997)

Ada Jessie Aldridge (Cassidy) (deceased)

Ada Jessie Aldridge (deceased)

Ada Mandua Aldridge (deceased)

Adage Aldridge (Honor) (deceased)

Adaline J. Aldridge (Selby) (1856 - 1909)

Addie EmmaJane Aldridge (1925 - c.1925)

addie hanks aldridge (deceased)

Addie Dedmon (Aldridge) (1871 - d.)

Addie EmmaJane Bullock (Aldridge) (1925 - c.1925)

addie vesta aldridge (deceased)

Adelaide Aldridge (1846 - d.)

Adelaide Aldridge (1869 - d.)

Adeline "Addie" Baber (Aldridge) (c.1878 - c.1954)

Adrian Aldridge (deceased)

Agatha Hickmott (Aldridge) (deceased)

Agnes Aldridge (c.1572 - d.)

Agnes Ezedeene Hungerford (Aldridge) (deceased)

Agnes Aldridge (deceased)