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(daughter) Alexander MP (1656 - 1656)

(son) Alexander MP (1646 - 1647)

Abigail Webster (Alexander) MP (1647 - 1690)

Abigail Bradley (Alexander), II MP (1750 - 1816)

Abigail Alexander (Floyd) MP (c.1770 - c.1834)

From Descendants of John Floyd 22. ABIGAIL DAVIS5 FLOYD (WILLIAM4, JOHN3, CHARLES2, JOHN1) [231] was born Abt. 1770 in VA [232],[233], and died 1834 in Prob. Bullitt Co., KY where her will wa...

Abigail "Closson" Clapham (Alexander) MP (c.1693 - c.1781)

Rabbi Abraham Alexander MP (1743 - 1816)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for SOUTH CAROLINA with the rank of LIEUTENANT. DAR Ancestor #: A001121 Link to Headstone photos: Son of a rabbi and a noted Hebrew scholar, at age 23 Abraham A...

Abraham Alexander MP (c.1728 - d.)

Agnes Alexander (Graham) MP (1600 - c.1677)

"Memorials of the Earl of Stirling and of the house of Alexander," Charles Rogers, Edinburgh, W. Paterson, 1877, pages 38, 253 and 254: William Alexander, Earl of Stirling, married Janet Erskine abou...

Alexander Alexander, 5th Baron of Menstrie MP (1500 - 1594)

V. ALEXANDER ALEXANDER, fifth ba∣ron of Menstrie, who is witness, with his grandfather, to a sasine of the lands of Men∣strie, in favours of Archibald earl of Argyle, the superior, procee...

Alexander Alexander, 3rd Baron of Menstrie MP (c.1490 - 1563)

Alexander Alysander de Menstrie. Surname becomes Alexander. By order of James V "honorabilis vir Alexander Alsynder de Menstrie" dated Stirling-20 April, 1530 see section 8 Memorials of the Earl of Sti...

Alexander Alexander, 5th Baron of Menstrie MP (1540 - 1584)

Alexander Alexander, 6th Baron of Menstrie MP (c.1526 - 1580)

Note from CLE - These sire lines are correct as of 8/2013 up through Somerled, King of the Hebrides 'Somerled, King of the Hebrides- Ragnall mac Somairle- Domhnall, Progenitor of Clan Donald- Aon...

Alexander Alexander MP (1813 - 1857)

Col. Amos Alexander MP (1729 - 1780)

Amos Alexander, Col., born 13 Jan 1728 in Cecil Co, MD; died Bef. Jan 1780 in Cecil Co, MD; married Sarah Sharp; born Abt. 1732 in Cecil Co, MD; died 1802 in Cecil Co, MD.

Amos Alexander MP (1769 - 1847)

Andrew Alexander, D.D. MP (1622 - 1641)

Andrew Alexander MP (1720 - 1767)

Andrew Alexander, 4th Baron Menstrie MP (b. - c.1565)

IV. ANDREW ALEXANDER, (son of Alexander Alexander & Elizabeth Douglas) fourth baron of Menstrie, who, in the said charter of Colin earl of Argyle, 26th August 1529, is designed son and apparent heir of...

Andrew Alexander MP (deceased)

2. Andrew Alexander, who was bred to the church, and in a sasine of Colin earl of Ar∣gyle, dated 15th November 1529,* is design∣ed Andreas Alexander, presbyter, &c. The peerage of Sco...

Lamar Alexander, Governor, U.S. Senator and Secretary of Education MP

Andrew Lamar Alexander (born July 3, 1940) is the senior United States Senator from Tennessee and Conference Chair of the Republican Party. He was previously the 45th Governor of Tennessee from 1979 ...

Andrew Joseph Alexander MP (1648 - 1700)

Andrew Mac Alexander of Menstrie, 2nd Baron of Menstrie MP (c.1446 - c.1526)

Thomas Alexander was father of II. ANDREW ALEXANDER, who succeeded him in the lands of Menstrie, of which the earl of Argyle was then superior. He married Catharine Graham,* daughter of —by ...

Ann Alexander MP (1665 - d.)

Ann Farrow (Alexander) MP (b. - 1746)

Ann Henry (Alexander) MP (c.1786 - 1823)

Anna Maria Thomasina Blackburn Washington MP (1817 - 1850)

Walnut Farm was purchased by Anna Maria's mother for them. Sources Anna Maria Thomasina Blackburn WASHINGTON (AFN:12Q1-KZH) FamilySearch™ Ancestral File v4.19  [S289] Blackburns...

Annie Maria Alexander (Wright) MP (1873 - d.)

Anthony Alexander, Sr. MP (c.1635 - d.)

Possibly the son of Sir Anthony Alexander (1594-1637) and Elizabeth Wardlaw (1599-).

Anthony Alexander, Jr. MP (c.1663 - 1741)

Probably the Anthony Alexander born c. 1663 in Scotland noted at Cited in the North Carolina Historical & Genealogical Register: Anthony Alexander was the founder of the Alexander family in Easte...

Anthony Alexander, III MP (1681 - 1741)

Archibald Alexander, I MP (1708 - 1780)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA. DAR Ancestor # A001134 -------------------- excerpted from Memorials of the Earl of Sterling and the House of Alexander by Charles Rogers, LL.D., ...

Archibald Alexander, of Ballybiglimore, Baron of Menstrie MP (c.1611 - 1689)

Sources: and Memorials of the Earl of Sterling and the House of Alexander by Charles Rogers, LL.D., (Edinburgh: William Paterson, 1877), Vol. II, Ch. XV, pp. 59ff. John Alexander of Eredy appears to ...

Arik Lavie MP (1927 - 2004)

Arik Lavie (born in 1927, Leipzig, died in 2004, Petah Tikva) was an Israeli actor and Pop-Rock-Folk singer.His career started in the military band of the Palmach, in 1945. Since then, he participated ...

Arthur Aaron Alexander MP (1857 - 1931)

note from CLE, Widowers pension citation, from Eli s Civil War service, cite son Arthur Aaron as son of Eli Jones and Julia. Pedigrees submitted to Family Search, claim Arthur Aaron is the son of Eli...

Arthur Aaron Alexander MP (1869 - 1932)

Augusta Ann Harvey (Alexander) MP (1826 - 1905)

Azubah Alexander (Wright) MP (1736 - 1811)

Bartley M. Alexander MP (deceased)

Beatrice Alexander (Michell?) MP (1637 - 1690)

Lady Catherine Alexander MP (c.1615 - d.)

Catherine Alexander (Wallace) MP (c.1715 - 1775)

See Media for will. Theophilous Alexander, born 13 Mar 1715 in Cecil Co, MD; died 08 Jul 1768 in Cecil Co, MD; married Catherine Wallace; died 1775 in Mecklenburg County, NC.

Hon. Charles Alexander MP (b. - 1663)

Charlotte Sophia Alexander (Dashwood) MP (1786 - 1870)

Claud Alexander of Ballochmyle (Alexander of Newtoun), Lord of Ballochmyle MP (1753 - d.)

Claud, second son [of Claud Alexander of Newtoun and his wife Joana Cuninghame of Craigends], born 1753, entered the Civil Service of the East India Company, and became paymaster-general of the Compa...

Claud Alexander of Newtoun, Lord of Newtoun MP (1724 - 1772)

Claud Alexander, only son of Robert Alexander of Newtoun, was born in 1724, and succeeded to Newtoun in 1738. He married, in 1746, Joanna, daughter of Alexander Cuninghame of Craigends (descended fro...

Claude Alexander, Lord of Newtoun MP (1620 - 1689)

Claud, second son of Robert Alexander of Black- house, by his first wife, Marion Hamilton, was born in 1645. By a disposition, dated 24th September 1669, he received from his father several subjects ...

Cyrus Alexander MP (1805 - 1872)

Cyrus Alexander (1805-1872) - A frontiersman, Alexander was a trapper with William Sublette before becoming a miner and agricultural pioneer in California. Born in Pennsylvania on May 5, 1805, Alexan...

Daniel Alexander MP (1650 - 1686)

Daniel Alexander-Soldier in King Philip s War CT-RIVER-VALLEY-L Archives Archiver > CT-RIVER-VALLEY > 2000-07 > 0963728886 From: Subject: [CRV] Soldiers in King Phillip's War: "...

David Alexander MP (1662 - 1704)

David Alexander Birth: 1662 - Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts Death: Feb 29 1704 - Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts Parents: John Alexander, Beatrice Michael Married: Elizabeth Copley, Mar...

David Alexander MP (1670 - d.)

David Lindo Alexander MP (1842 - 1922)

David Lindo Alexander (5 October 1842, in the City of London – 1922) was an English barrister and Jewish community leader. David Lindo Alexander was born in the City of London on 5 October t...

David Alexander MP (1680 - 1749)

Deborah Newman (Alexander) MP (1775 - d.)

Donald Henry Alexander MP (1927 - 2006)

From Rootsweb Hernando Today, 30 May 2006: “Donald Henry Alexander, 78, of Spring Hill, died Wednesday, May 24, at his home. He was born in Syracuse, N.Y., and moved to this area two years a...

Dorothy Stebbins (Alexander) MP (c.1660 - c.1741)

She was the daughter of John Alexander of Boston who was a soldier under Captain Lathrop and was the only man known to come out whole in the Bloody Brook Massacre near Deerfield, MA. Captured by Indi...

Dorothy Ann Alexander (Lawrence) MP (1812 - 1890)

Dorthy Alexander MP (1535 - 1600)

Easman Alexander MP (deceased)

Dr. Eben Alexander, III, M.D., F.A.C.S MP

) Eben Alexander III (born December, 1953 in Charlotte, North Carolina) is a neurosurgeon and the author of the best-selling Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife, in which he ...

Edith Alexander MP (1712 - d.)

Brevet Brig. Gen. Edmund Brooke Alexander (USA) MP (1802 - 1888)

Edmund Brooke Alexander (October 6, 1802 – January 3, 1888) was an officer in the United States Army in the Mexican-American War through the American Civil War who rose to the rank of brevet B...

Admiral Sir Edwyn Sinclair Alexander-Sinclair, GCB, MVO MP (1865 - 1945)

Admiral Sir Edwyn Sinclair Alexander-Sinclair, GCB, MVO (1865 – 13 November 1945) was a British Royal Navy officer, notable for firing the first shots of the Battle of Jutland, and for leading...

Eleanor Goldsmith (Alexander) MP (1814 - 1885)

Elizabeta Marx (Alexander) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Wallace (Alexander) MP (c.1650 - 1692)

Elizabeth Alexander (Copley) MP (c.1644 - 1701)

Elizabeth Copley Birth: 1644 - England Death: Jan 8 1701 - Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts Parents: John Copley, Elizabeth (unknown) Phelps Married: 1) Praisever Turner 2) Samuel Lankto...

Elizabeth Alexander (Carswell) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Sample (Alexander) MP (1746 - 1822)

Elizabeth Jane Patton (Alexander) MP (1710 - 1778)

Jemima Alexander MP (1727 - 1797)

DAR magazine March 1952, page 312 lists children. Buried in Sugar Creek Cemetery, 101 Sugar Creek Road, West Charlotte, N. C., the first headstone in the cemetery of the church, just a little distance ...

Elizabeth McClung (Alexander) MP (1735 - 1802)

Elizabeth Jones (Alexander) MP (c.1600 - d.)

Ella Dyhrenfurth (Alexander) MP (1870 - 1942)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Dyhrenfurth, Ella geborene Alexander geboren am 31. August 1870 in Breslau / - / Schlesien wohnhaft in Breslau Deportationsziel: ab Breslau ...

Ellen Rankin (Alexander) MP (deceased)

Ellen Goldstein (Alexander) MP (1876 - 1942)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Goldstein, Ellen geborene Alexander geboren am 21.Dezember 1876 in Achim / - / Hannover wohnhaft in Hamburg Deportation: ab Hamburg 25.Oktob...

S2c Elvis A. Alexander MP (c.1917 - 1941)

On board ARIZONA, the ship's air raid alarm went off about 0755 and the ship went to General Quarters soon thereafter. Insofar as it could be determined soon after the attack, the ship sustained eigh...

Emily Jewell (Alexander) MP (1801 - 1889)

Children: Harvey Jewell 1820 - 1881 Maria Jewell 1821 - 1878 Pliny Jewell 1823 - ? Marshall Jewell 1825 - 1883 Lyman B Jewell 1827 - ? Emily Jewell 1829 - 1836 Arthur Jewell 1834 - 1848...

Esther Alexander MP (1762 - 1829)

Eugene B Alexander MP (1919 - d.)

Ezekiel Alexander, I MP (1725 - c.1730)

Ezekiel (II) Alexander MP (1754 - 1832)

Fatura W. Alexander (Oldham) MP (c.1818 - d.)

Frances Josephine Alexander (Burge) MP (1922 - d.)

Francis Alexander MP (c.1654 - c.1701)

Francis Alexander MP (1695 - c.1781)

Francis "Weaver" Alexander MP (1693 - 1760)

There is much lack of clarity about whether he had one wife or two--and to make it more complicated, the two are likely sisters: Martha Sarah Blair and Jane/Jean Blair. One of them, Martha Sarah, may h...

Franz Gabriel Alexander MP (1891 - 1964)

From WIKIPEDIA (accessed 8/15/2014): Franz Gabriel Alexander (22 January 1891 – 8 March 1964) was a Hungarian-American psychoanalyst and physician, who is considered one of the founders of psych...

Frederick Grayson Alexander MP (c.1796 - 1833)

George Alexander MP (1620 - 1703)

George Alexander Great care must be considered when we research the Alexander families, as they are "numerous as the offsping of Abraham" of the Old Testament. We know his father is John Alexander ...

Griffin Patton Alexander MP (1880 - 1928)

Field Marshal Harold Alexander, 1st Earl Alexander of Tunis MP (1891 - 1969)


Henry Alexander, 4th Earl of Sterling MP (1633 - 1649)

Hon. Sir Henry Alexander, 3rd Earl of Stirling MP (deceased)

Hettie Gertrude Tennant (Alexander) MP (1870 - 1942)

Hezekiah Alexander, Jr. MP (1767 - 1840)

Hezekiah South Alexander MP (c.1722 - 1801)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA. DAR Ancestor # A001156 Quick Facts on Hezekiah Alexander Signer of the Mecklenburg Declaration Birthdate: Probably 1728 Birthplace: ...

Howard W. Alexander MP (1895 - d.)

Hugh Alexander MP (deceased)

Hulda Gilda Alexander MP (1874 - d.)

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