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John Strange (Alloway-Strange) MP (1727 - 1811)

He was a planter. His birthdate is known from a bible record made by one of his sons, but his birthplace is not known. His father might have been Edmond Alloway Strange 3d, or he might have been an ado...

Abner Alloway-Strange (1761 - 1834)

Abner Alloway-Strange (c.1700 - d.)

Some researchers theorize that he was the father of John Alloway-Strange, who parents are otherwise unknown, but who is thought to have been a grandson of Edmund.

Abraham Alloway-Strange (c.1758 - 1815)

He was a farmer. He received 393 acres in Fluvanna County, Virginia from his father on 2 February 1778, just weeks before his marriage to Mollie Moore. On 28 October 1778 he was granted 250 acres in on...

Ann Alloway-Strange (Mitchell) (1728 - c.1781)

Edmund Alloway-Strange (1635 - d.)

He is thought to have been a grandfather of the John Alloway-Strange, who later appeared, also at Fluvanna County. However, there was also an Alloway family living at North Farnham Parish, Virginia, wh...

Elizabeth Alloway-Strange (Vannerson) (c.1759 - c.1794)

Elizabeth Alloway-Strange (Mitchell) (1756 - 1803)

John Alloway Strange (Alloway-Strange) (1755 - 1800)

He died in his father's lifetime. An inventory of his estate was filed at Amherst County, Virginia on 26 March 1800 and included a slave James, a negro boy worth $250. His father's will gave a house an...

Martha (Patsy) Chambers (Alloway-Strange) (1756 - 1832)

Mary (Polly) Alloway-Strange (Sanders) (c.1783 - d.)

Mary A. "Mollie" Alloway-Strange (Moore) (c.1757 - 1842)

After her husband's death in 1815, Mollie Moore Alloway lived with her daughter and son-in-law, Elizabeth and John Johnson, in Henderson County, North Carolina. She was buried beside this same daughter...

Mary (Molly) Bell (Alloway-Strange) (1752 - c.1811)

Her husband died leaving her with at least one small child, John Bell. Her father John Alloway acted as executor of Samuel Bell's estate, and in his own will states that he has advanced his grandson Jo...

Mildred Alloway-Strange (Magruder) (c.1756 - d.)

She must have had a step-father whose surname was Stovall. One of her children filed a document about their share of their "grandfather Stoball's estate."

N.N. Alloway-Strange (c.1660 - d.)

NN. Alloway-Strange (deceased)

Sarah M. (Sally) Alloway-Strange (Barnett) (c.1764 - 1809)

William Alloway-Strange (c.1600 - d.)

He settled a 1290-acre grant in Jamestown, Virginia. From "The original lists of persons of quality; emigrants; religious exiles; political rebels; serving men sold for a term of years; apprentices; ...