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R' Abraham Mordecai Alter of Ger MP (1865 - 1948)

Avraham Mordechai Alter (25 December 1865 – 3 June 1948), also known as the Imrei Emes after the works he authored, was the third Rebbe of the Hasidic dynasty of Ger, a position he held from 190...

Frieda Klutzkar [Alter Rebbe d.#5] (Boruchovitch) MP (deceased)

Rebbetzin Freida SCHNEURI (b. Leozna, Poland) married to Rabbi Eliyahu ben Rabbi Mordechai KLUTZKAR. They had two children: * Boruch married the daughter of Binyomin KLETZKER. * Aharon ZASLAVSKI fr...

Johann Jacob Alter MP (1742 - 1815)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for PENNSYLVANIA with the rank of PRIVATE. DAR Ancestor #: A002064

Moshe [of Leozna] Boruchovitch [br. Alter Rebbe] MP (deceased)

Moshe Schneerson [Alter Rebbe son] MP (1784 - 1877)

Moshe Schneersohn (also, Zalmonovitch and Shneuri, and later Leon Yulievitz) (born c. 1784 - died, before 1853) was the youngest son of the founder of Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidism, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of ...

Mrs. Akiva Fridkin [sis. in-law Alter Rebbe] (Segal) MP (deceased)

R' Judah Ari Leib Alter of Ger, the Sefat Emet MP (1847 - 1905)

Yehudah Aryeh Leib Alter (1847–1905), also known by the title of his main work, the Sfas Emes, was a Hasidic rabbi who succeeded his grandfather, Rabbi Yitzchak Meir Alter, as the av beis din (h...

Yitzchak Meir Alter MP (1799 - 1866)

Yitzchak Meir Alter Gerrer Rebbe Main work - Chidushei Harim Born 1798 Magnuszew, Poland Died 10 March 1866 Dynasty Ger Successor: Chanoch Henoch of Alexander Wife: Feigele Lipszyc I...

Alter (1916 - 1944)

(first wife) Alter (deceased)

- Alter (deceased)

- Alter (deceased)

1. Eszter Alter (m.Stark) (1882 - 1939)

2 Alter (deceased)

5 Children Alter (Katz ) (deceased)

? Alter (deceased)

? Alter (deceased)

? Alter (deceased)

? Alter (deceased)

? Alter (deceased)

? Alter (1910 - d.)

? Alter (c.1890 - c.1943)

Mr Alter (Yossl?) owned a wines warehouse in Suceava, Romania, before WWII. He was deported to Murafa, Vinnyts'ka Oblast, Ukraine, where he died shortly before the Germans retreated.

? Alter (deceased)

? Alter (deceased)

? Alter (deceased)

? ALTER (deceased)

? Alter (deceased)

? Alter (Schwartz) (deceased)

? Alter (deceased)

? Alter (deceased)

? Alter (Oisfer) (deceased)

? Alter (Schwartz) (deceased)

? Alter (deceased)

???? ALTER (deceased)

?Blanche Alter (1898 - d.)

?Ida Fox (Alter) (c.1871 - d.)

Note: This person came with a merge, but I have not yet been able to document either the name or the relationship to John and Esther Alter. I am currently researching this.

?Mary Glasberg (Alter) (c.1876 - c.1925)

Note: This profile came with a merge, but I have not been able to confirm a connection to John and Esther Alter. I have confirmed that Alter is Mary's maiden name through her children's birth records I...

?Rivka Stark (Alter) (b. - 1930)

?Tillie Shapiro (Alter) (c.1877 - d.)

This profile came with a merge, but I have not yet documented the relationship. I am currently researching both the connection and the name.

[HintoMaddise] Peeter Alter (deceased)

[Maddise] Hindrik Alter (c.1759 - d.)

Aaa Alter (deceased)

Aaa Alter (deceased)

Aaaaa Alter (deceased)

Aaltje Alter (1903 - 1943)

Aaron Alter (1888 - d.)

Aaron Alter (c.1932 - d.)

Aaron Alter (deceased)

aaron alter (deceased)

Aaron Alter (deceased)

Aaron Alter (deceased)

Aba Alter (deceased)

Abraham Alter (1838 - d.)

Abraham Alter (1829 - 1901)

Abraham Alter (deceased)

Abraham Alter (1867 - 1897)

Abraham Walters (Alter) (deceased)

Abraham Alter (deceased)

Abraham Alter (b. - 1943)

Abraham Alter (1875 - d.)

abraham alter (deceased)

Abraham Alter (deceased)

Abraham Alter (1890 - 1960)

Born: some records have 1888. But Polish birth records list 1890. Immigrated to US at Ellis Island from Antwerp on Nov. 1, 1909 at 18 years old with the SS Lapland. When Abe immigrated, he left h...

Abraham Alter (1909 - d.)

Abraham Alter (1901 - 1943)

Abraham Alter (c.1823 - d.)

Abraham Alter (c.1909 - d.)

Abraham H Alter (1905 - 1982)

Abraham Alter (1905 - 1991)

Abraham (Abie) Alter (deceased)

Abraham Meijer Alter (c.1811 - 1812)

Overledene: Abraham Meijer Alter Geslacht: Man Leeftijd: 1 Vader: Meijer Isac Alter Moeder: Sara Meintser Gebeurtenis: Overlijden Datum: dinsdag 3 november 1812 Gebeurtenisplaats: Den Haag

Abraham Alter (c.1847 - c.1882)

Abraham Alter (deceased)

Abram Ber Alter (1876 - d.)

Abram Nokhum Alter (1873 - d.)

Abram Alter (deceased)

Adam Alter (deceased)

Adam Alter (deceased)

Adeele Alter (Parv) (1902 - d.)

Saaga EAA.1298.1.212:6

Adela Alter (zimermen) (deceased)

Adela Rosenstein (Alter) (Alter) (1873 - 1970)

Adele Hafter (Alter) (1892 - 1955)

Adele Hutt Alter (deceased)

Ado Alter (1825 - 1829)

Ado Alter (c.1804 - d.)

revisjon 1826 Saaga EAA.1865.2.92/15:9?458,1180,442,34,0 revisjon 1834 Saaga EAA.1865.2.93/9:14?185,1250,583,106,0

Adolf Alter (b. - c.1941)

Afraim Fishel Alter (deceased)

Aglaida Alter (Peterson) (1898 - 1946)


Aharon Zalman Alter (1850 - 1949)

Ahuva Alter (deceased)

Aida Alter (deceased)

Ajdel Alter (deceased)

Al Alter (1911 - d.)

Albert L Alter (1912 - 2000)

Albert Alter (1848 - d.)

Albert L Alter (1884 - 1960)

Albert Alter (b. - 1985)

Albert Henry Alter (1841 - 1896)

Alden Louis Ancess (Alter Einthurst) (deceased)

Aleksander Alter (1898 - 1970)