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Elizabeth Altham, Countess of Anglesey MP (1620 - 1697)

John Altham MP (c.1589 - 1640)

John Altham From Wikipedia, John Altham (1589 – November 5, 1640) was a British Jesuit missionary who came to North America to preach to the Native Americans. He was born in Warwickshire...

(__) Monk de Altham (deceased)

Ann Kayley (Ann Altham) (1837 - 1913)

Annie E Altham (deceased)

Arabella Clarke (Altham) (1740 - 1828)

Christopher Altham (deceased)

Daisy Altham (c.1891 - d.)

donald james altham (deceased)

dora altham (Woodward) (1908 - d.)

Dorothy Altham (deceased)

Edward Altham (c.1499 - 1548)

Edward Altham (1549 - 1605)

Sir Edward Altham (c.1605 - 1632)

Edward ALTHAM (1529 - d.)

Elizabeth Altham (deceased)

Elizabeth Altham (Cumberland) (deceased)

Elizabeth Altham (deceased)

Elizabeth Altham (Blanke) (c.1528 - 1558)

Elizabeth Altham (b. - 1662)

Elizabeth Altham (deceased)

Elizabeth Altham (Barne) (b. - 1621)

Ellen Rothwell (Altham) (1849 - c.1908)

Ellen de Altham (deceased)

extinct by 1694 ALTHAM BANNISTERS (deceased)

Frances Vaughan (Altham) (deceased)

Harriet Altham (deceased)

Isabella Altham (Bradley) (deceased)

James Altham (b. - c.1750)

James Altham, of Mark Hall (1529 - 1583)

Sir James Altham, MP (c.1550 - 1617)

Family and Education s. of James Altham of Mark Hall, Latton, Essex by Elizabeth, da. of Thomas Blancke, haberdasher of London. educ. Trinity Coll. Camb. 1571; G. Inn 1575, called 1581. m. (1) Margaret...

James Altham (deceased)

James ALTHAM (1655 - d.)

James Altham (c.1594 - 1623)

Sir James Altham, Knight (c.1593 - d.)

Jane Gilman (Altham) (c.1858 - d.)

Jennifer Altham (deceased)

Joan Altham (EDWARDS) (1612 - 1691)

Joan Banastre (de Altham) (deceased)

Joanna Bannister (de Altham) (deceased)

Johanna Altham (deceased)

Johanna (Joan) Altham (c.1606 - d.)

John ALTHAM (c.1552 - d.)

John Altham (deceased)

John Altham (c.1856 - d.)

John Altham (1814 - d.)

John de Altham (c.1330 - d.)

John de Altham (c.1310 - 1371)

John de Altham and his sons John, Simon and Richard took part in a riot at Potterford near Whalley in 1350; Assize R. 443, m. 5. 18. He may have died by 1367, when it was found that Robert del Eves o...

Lady Dorothy Power (Altham) (deceased)

Lawrence Bannister of Altham (1402 - d.)

Leventhorpe ALTHAM (c.1635 - d.)

Margaret Altham (Skinner) (c.1550 - 1617)

Margery de Altham (deceased)

Mary Altham (deceased)

Mary Altham (ISSACSON) (c.1720 - d.)

Mary Titterington (Altham) (deceased)

Mary ALTHAM (1680 - d.)

Mary Stydolfe (Altham) (b. - 1636)

Mary Altham (c.1858 - d.)

Mary Altham (c.1695 - d.)

Mary Altham (Stapers) (deceased)

Mary Altham (1578 - 1647)

Mary Monk de Altham (Bridge) (deceased)

Mathew ALTHAM (c.1554 - d.)

Peyton Altham (deceased)

Ralph Monk de Altham (deceased)

Richard Bannister of Altham (1386 - 1435)

Richard de Altham (c.1331 - d.)

Richard Altham (deceased)

Robert Altham (deceased)

Roger ALTHAM, Jr. (c.1710 - d.)

Roger ALTHAM, Sr., (c.1675 - 1730)

Sarah Altham (c.1886 - d.)

Simon de Altham (c.1332 - d.)

Simon de Altham (c.1280 - d.)

In 1308, Simon de Altham and his wife, Ellen, made a settlement of the manor.

Thomas ALTHAM (1547 - 1610)

Thomas ALTHAM (1527 - d.)