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"Pichin" Altieri (deceased)

Adelaide Altieri (deceased)

Adelaïde Irène Altieri (1932 - 1963)

Adele ALTIERI (1922 - 2003)

Al Altieri (deceased)

Alberto Bianchi Altieri (deceased)

alberto altieri (deceased)

alfred altieri (deceased)

Amalia Altieri (deceased)

amelia victoria altieri (ramono) (deceased)

Americus Altieri (deceased)

Angela Altieri (deceased)

Angela Altieri (deceased)

Archangela Altieri (1884 - 1986)

Angelina Altieri (Vallario) (1910 - 1998)

Angelo Paluzzi Altieri, III. marchese di Rasina (deceased)

Angelo Albertoni Altieri, principe di Rasina (deceased)

Anna Altieri (Catalfamo) (b. - 2006)

Anna Marie LaMura (Altieri) (b. - c.1920)

Anna Vittoria Altieri (b. - 1723)

Anthony Altieri (deceased)

Anthony Altieri (b. - 2006)

Anthony Altieri (deceased)

Antoine Altieri (deceased)

Antoine Erminy Altieri (1850 - 1894)

antonio altieri (deceased)

Antonio Altieri (1905 - 1985)

Antonio Altieri, Sr. (deceased)

Antonio Altieri (deceased)

Antonio Altieri (deceased)

Antonio Altieri (deceased)

Argemira Gimenez Altieri (deceased)

Arturo Altieri (deceased)

Assunta Altieri (deceased)

beatrice Altieri (deceased)

Carl Altieri (deceased)

carmela altieri (folignoli) (deceased)

Carmela Montesano (Altieri) (deceased)

Carmela Altieri (deceased)

Carmine Altieri (deceased)

carolina damiano altieri (deceased)

Cecília Aniz (Altieri Ferreira) (deceased)

Chiara Altieri (1824 - 1888)

cincetta altieri (deceased)


Clemente Altieri-Oriolo (1795 - 1873)

Clementina Altieri (deceased)

Concetta Contini (Altieri) (1839 - 1877)

Marriage information: same year but several days in October have seen 4th, 7th Name: Pasquale Contini Birth Date: 1838 Birthplace: Age: 20 Spouse's Name: Concetta Altieri Spouse's Birth Date: 18...

Concetta De Simone Altieri (deceased)

Costanza Altieri (Chigi) (1672 - 1751)

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Count Augusto of Altieri (1797 - 1860)

Cristina Altieri (deceased)

Cristina Altieri (1852 - 1930)

Daniel Altieri (deceased)

deris altieri (deceased)

Desiderio Altieri (deceased)

Dolores Altieri (deceased)

Domenica Altieri (deceased)

Domenico Altieri (deceased)

Don Paolo Paolo of Altieri-Oriola (1849 - 1901)

Donna lee Altieri (deceased)

Dorothy Altieri (deceased)

Dorothy Adele Altieri (1927 - 2003)

Edna Altieri (c.1914 - d.)

Elvira Altieri Perrotta (deceased)

emilio altieri (deceased)

Emilio Altieri-Oriolo (1819 - 1900)

Emilio Altieri (1670 - 1721)

Emilio Altieri (1670 - 1721)

Pope Clement X (1590 - 1676)

Papal Genealogy: The Families And Descendants Of The Popes, By George L. Williams

Ercole Altieri (deceased)

Evelyn Altieri (deceased)

Filomena Maffei (Altieri) (1878 - 1963)

Filomena Marcantonio (Altieri) (deceased)

Finizia Altieri (deceased)

Flaubert Santullo Altieri (deceased)

Frances Mary Navaretta (Altieri) (deceased)

Francesco Altieri (deceased)

Francis Altieri (deceased)

Franco Priante Altieri (deceased)

Frank Altieri (1891 - 1989)

Frank Altieri (b. - 2012)

frederick altieri (deceased)

Frederick Altieri (1920 - 1987)

Gaetano Altieri (deceased)

Gaetano Altieri (deceased)

Gaspare Albertoni Altieri (1650 - 1720)

Geltrude Altieri (deceased)

Gennaro Altieri (deceased)

gino altieri (deceased)

Giovanni Altieri (deceased)

Girolamo Antonio Altieri (1673 - 1762)

Giuseppe Altieri (1935 - 1978)

Glen Altieri (deceased)

Grace Altieri (deceased)

Helena Altieri (deceased)

henry altieri (deceased)

Howard Altieri (deceased)

Imperatrice Altieri (deceased)

Iracema Gimenez Altieri (deceased)