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Matthieu Amiel MP (deceased)

Moshe Avigdor Amiel MP (1883 - 1946)

Born in Lita, Moshe Avigdor Amiel was first taught by his father at the Telz yeshiva before proceeding to the Vilna yeshiva to study under the two greatest Talmudic scholars of the time - Rabbi Chaim...

? ? ALLALOUF (Amiel) (deceased)

? ? allalouf (Amiel) (deceased)

?? Amiel (deceased)

Aaron Amiel (1900 - 1941)

Abraham Amiel (b. - 1957)

Abraham Amiel (deceased)

Abraham Amiel (1836 - 1885)

Adelaid Amiel (c.1860 - d.)

Agnès Carrière (Amiel) (deceased)

Aharon Amiel (deceased)

Aisha Amiel (Attias) (deceased)

Albert Amiel (deceased)

Albert Amiel (b. - 2001)

Alegra Amiel (Cohen) (deceased)

Alegria Amiel Ben Oliel (1876 - 1949)

Alejandro Amiel (deceased)

Aleyah עליה Amiel עמיאל (deceased)

alice amiel (deceased)

Anne AMIEL (Marques) (deceased)

Antoine Auguste Amiel (deceased)

Antoinette AMIEL (b. - 1676)

Antoinette AMIEL (Andrieu) (1797 - d.)

Aron Amiel (deceased)

Arthur Amiel (deceased)

Avraham Amiel (deceased)

Basha Beila (Mariasha Beila) Amiel (Neviazhsky) (1882 - 1964)

Bashie Amiel (b. - 2003)

Bella amiel (deceased)

Bertrand Amiel (c.1862 - d.)

Buddy Amiel (deceased)

Caden Amiel (deceased)

CARLOS AMIEL (deceased)

Catherine AMIEL (deceased)

Catherine Amiel (deceased)

Catherine Amiel (1732 - d.)

Charles Amiel (deceased)

Chaya חיה Aisha עיישה Carciente כרסנתי (Amiel עמיאל) (deceased)

בעלה יהודה באנציקלופדיה דוד ...

Clara Amiel (deceased)

Cécile AMIEL (1780 - 1832)

Céline Mizrahi (Amiel) (deceased)

Daniel Amiel (deceased)

David Amiel (deceased)

David Amiel (1804 - 1875)

David Amiel (deceased)

Denis Amiel (1854 - 1904)

Diamante Amiel Amiel (deceased)

Diamante Amiel (deceased)

Donna דונה Amiel עמיאל (deceased)

Eilyahu Amiel (deceased)

Eli Amiel (deceased)

Elias Amiel (1878 - 1951)

Elie Amiel (deceased)

Elie Amiel (c.1887 - d.)

Eliezer Tzvi (Leyzer) Amiel (1914 - 1997)

Elisabeth BONNEVILLE (Amiel) (1817 - 1899)

Elisabeth Meunier (Amiel) (deceased)

Eliyaho Amiel (deceased)

Eliyahu אליהו Amiel עמיאל (deceased)

ely amiel (deceased)

Emmanuel Amiel (1903 - 1976)

Enrique Amiel (deceased)

Ernestina Berta Siches Amiel (deceased)

Ernesto Rodolfo Siches Amiel (1899 - 1961)

Ester Amiel (deceased)

Ester Bouchuc Amiel (deceased)

ester flora amiel (deceased)

Esther Bensimon (Amiel) (1887 - 1963)

Esther Sol Siches Amiel (deceased)

Esther Ehiah Amiel (1804 - 1880)

Esther Amiel (deceased)

Esther Bellehsen (Amiel) (1881 - 1982)

Esther Amiel (deceased)

Esther Amiel (1923 - d.)

Ethel Amiel (deceased)

Fanny (Tsiporah) Amiel (1908 - d.)

Flore Abourbih (Amiel) (1906 - d.)

Fortuna "China" Siches Amiel (deceased)

Fortune Amiel Bosidan (deceased)

Fortunée Amiel (Ohana) (1909 - 1990)

Francisca Enriqueta Siches Amiel (1911 - 2004)

Francois Amiel (c.1825 - d.)

Francois Marie Amiel Lusignan (c.1745 - d.)

François AMIEL (deceased)

Françoise Monsarra (Amiel) (deceased)

Freha Amiel (Attias) (deceased)

Freha Amiel (Attias) (deceased)

Freha Amiel (deceased)

Gabriel Amiel (c.1887 - d.)

Gabrielle DEMORE (AMIEL) (deceased)

Gaston Warnery Amiel (deceased)

Genia Amiel (deceased)

Gentile Amiel (Abravaya) (deceased)

Ghity Ghitty Lindenbaum (Amiel) (1908 - 2002)

NOTE: The obituary below states in the final paragraphs that Stanley, Gloria and Leonard were the children of Ghity Lindenbaum. However, family knowledge and confirm that these were the children of Max...

Helene Amiel (Candiotti) (1899 - 1988)

Henri Amiel (deceased)

Henri Amiel (deceased)

Herschel Amiel (deceased)

Hilda Amiel (Stegman) (1921 - 1993)