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Altham Annesley, 1st Baron Altham MP (c.1647 - 1699)

Anne Annesley (Lambert), Countess Annesley MP (1752 - 1822)

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Arthur Annesley, 4th Baron Altham MP (c.1689 - 1727)

Arthur Annesley, 1st Earl of Anglesey MP (1614 - 1686)

the titles of his father and in 1661 was created the Earl of Anglesea in the peerage of Great Britain. He was active in the restoration of the Stuarts. See:

Arthur Annesley, 5th Earl of Anglesey MP (1677 - 1737)

Elizabeth Lewis (Annesley) MP (1715 - 1779)

Elizabeth Annesley Lewis, wife of Francis Lewis, was, like Hannah Floyd, driven to an untimely death by the hardships and persecutions she was forced to undergo from the British, because her husband wa...

Elizabeth Annesley MP (deceased)

Francis Annesley, 1st Viscount Valentia MP (c.1586 - 1660)

"Francis Annesley, 1st Viscount Valentia was baptised on 2 January 1585/86"

James Annesley, 3rd Earl of Anglesey MP (1670 - c.1701)

James Annesley, 2nd Earl of Anglesey MP (1645 - 1690)

James George Annesley, 2nd Baron Altham MP (deceased)

John Annesley, 4th Earl of Anglesey MP (b. - 1710)

Lady Catherine Annesley MP (1700 - 1736)

Richard Annesley, 3rd Baron Altham MP (c.1655 - 1701)

Richard Annesley, 6th Earl Anglesey MP (1694 - 1761)

Robert Annesley MP (c.1559 - 1616)

Settled in Ireland.

Robert Annesley MP (1773 - 1825)

William Richard Annesley, 3rd Earl Annesley MP (1772 - 1838)

? Annesley (Lawson) (deceased)

Agnes de Annesley (Clifton) (c.1355 - d.)

'Agnes Clifton1 F Father Sir Robert Clifton b. c 1338, d. 16 Oct 1376 Mother Agnes Grey b. c 1335 ' Agnes Clifton married Thomas Annesley, son of Sir John Annesley and Isabel Ireland. 'Family...

Albert William Annesley (1862 - d.)

Albert A Annesley, Jr. (deceased)

Algernon Arthur Sydney Annesley (1829 - 1908)

Alice M Annesley (Niven) (deceased)

Alice Leigh (de Annesley) (c.1430 - d.)

(fn. 20) John de Annesley, 14 H. 6, granted to John Makworth, Dean of Lincolne, John Curson, Thomas Makworth, Esquire, and others, his Mannors of Annesley, Bulcote, and Gippesmere, and all his Lands an...

Altisidora Arthur Victoria Annesley (1828 - d.)

Amy de Annesley (deceased)

Amy de Annesley (Gregor) (c.1290 - d.)

Amy Susan/Susanna Meredith (Annesley) (1867 - d.)

Anna Maria Wilhelmina Knot (Annesley) (deceased)

Anna Maria Annesley 2nd Earl Annesley (deceased)

Anne Annesley 2nd Countess Annesley (Lambert) (deceased)

Anne Annesley (Lambert) (deceased)

Anne Annesley, Viscountess Glerawly (1738 - 1770)

Anne Annesley (c.1620 - d.)

Lady Anne Wyngate (1653 - 1718)

Anne Annesley (deceased)

Annora de Annesley (Pierrepont) (1294 - 1336)

Sir John and Lady Annora had at least three sons: (1) Sir John de Annesley, see below; (2) Robert Annesley of Roddington; and (3) Ralph Annesley of Kirkby Wodehouse. Sir John de Annesley (died 1357) ...

Arthur Annesley (1809 - 1844)

Arthur Adolphus Annesley (1833 - 1887)

Arthur Annesley (1760 - 1841)

Arthur Albert O'Donel Valentia Annesley (1867 - 1947)

Arthur Annesley (c.1651 - c.1655)

Arthur Fitzarthur Grove Annesley (deceased)

Arthur Annesley (1760 - 1841)

Arthur Grove Annesley (1774 - 1849)

Arthur Annesley, 10th Viscount Valentia (1785 - 1863)

10th Viscount Valentia

Sir Arthur Annesley, 11th Viscount Valentia CB, KCVO, JP (1843 - 1927)

Wikipedia contributors. " Arthur Annesley, 11th Viscount Valentia ." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Burke, Bernard, Sir. A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the peerage and baronetage of the...

Arthur Annesley (1733 - 1773)

Arthur Annesley (1880 - 1914)

Aubrey Annesley (UNKNOWN) (c.1084 - d.)

Augusta Arthur Constantia Annesley (b. - 1892)

Barbara Caroline Annesley (1797 - d.)

BeatrIce Lloyd (Annesley) (deceased)

Beatrice Zouche (Annesley) (1619 - 1668)

Beatrix Annesley (deceased)

Beresford Annesley, 8th Earl Annesley (1894 - 1957)

Bridget Annesley (deceased)

Byran Annesley (deceased)

Caroline Annesley (Mears) (b. - 1869)

Caryl Arthur James Annesley (deceased)

Catherine Grove Platt (Annesley) (deceased)

Catherine Annesley (deceased)

Catherine Annesley (deceased)

Catherine Beresford (Annesley) (1634 - 1701)

Catherine Field (Annesley) (1842 - 1920)

Catherine Annesley (deceased)

The Hon Catherine Gore (Annesley) (1739 - 1770)

Catherine Annesley (deceased)

Catherine Annesley (Annesley 2nd Earl Annesley) (deceased)

Catherine Elizabeth Boscawen (Annesley) (b. - 1859)

Catherine Annesley (Hardy) (c.1763 - d.)

Cecily Annesley (deceased)

Cecily Annesley (deceased)

Cecily Annesley (deceased)

Charity Annesley (Warren) (deceased)

Charity Palmer (Annesley) (deceased)

Charles Arthur James George Annesley (1820 - 1861)

Charlotte Elizabeth grove Bland (Annesley) (deceased)

Charlotte Jean Annesley (deceased)

Charlotte Frances Annesley (deceased)

Chirstian Annesley (deceased)

Christian Annesley (1622 - d.)

Christian Annesley (deceased)

Clara Annesley (Fitzwilliam) (c.1395 - d.)

Clementine Annesley (de Brockhausen) (b. - 1868)

Constance Mary Malleson (Annesley) (1895 - 1975)

Countess Priscilla Cecilia Annesley (Moore) (deceased)

Cyril Annesley Cooke (deceased)

David Robert Ewart Annesley (1936 - d.)

Deborah Annesley (Jones) (b. - 1672)

Deborah Annesley (deceased)

Dorothea Crosbie (Annesley) (deceased)

Dorothy Annesley (1623 - d.)

Dorothy Annesley, Baroness Altham (1663 - c.1715)

Dorothy Knox (Annesley) (deceased)

Dorothy Knox (Annesley) (1698 - d.)

Dorothy Vaughan Annesley (Yewdall) (b. - 1971)

Dorothy Annesley (deceased)

Dorothy Annesley (deceased)